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Multicultural proyect of colombia


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Multicultural proyect of colombia

  1. 1. Multicultural proyect of ColombiaBy: Kenan Álvarez Cano Juan ManuelHoyosTeacher: Walter AgúdeloSubject: Informática
  2. 2. Flag of Colombia and its significance-The yellow gold, blue sky and redblood
  3. 3. Shield of Envigado
  4. 4. Flower FairThe flowers fair is a Colombiantraditional fair that lasts 10 days
  5. 5. Silleteros processionIt is a very traditional celebration ofColombians where all the art show wehave.
  6. 6. Procession of horses
  7. 7. Old cars procession
  8. 8. Typical food
  9. 9. Colombian dances-Cumbia
  10. 10. Colombian dances-Joropo
  11. 11. Famous Singers of Colombia-Juanes-Shakira
  12. 12. Decemberis a month that the Colombians had agood time is also usually a month withmany special events and also to spendmuch with the family.
  13. 13. Lighting in DecemberDay for family outings
  14. 14. December 31A happy day where people dismissedthe old year with hugs and goodwishes for the new year
  15. 15. Fireworks of New Year
  17. 17. world-renowned soccer playerRadamel Falcao Garcia
  18. 18. Participation of Colombia in the 2012 London Olympics
  19. 19. Colombian expressions- ¨¿Para que tomar y manejar?… Sipuedes fumar y volar¨.-¨Abajo las drogas… Atentamente, losdel sótano¨.-¨Es más aburrido que choque detortugas¨.-¨Más raro que político honesto¨.-¨Me emborracho para olvidarte…yahora te veo doble¨.