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Maura Morgan EDIM Week 5 Slideshare


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My EDIM 510 Slideshare project.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Maura Morgan EDIM Week 5 Slideshare

  1. 1. Flipped Lessons Maura Morgan EDIM 510Week 5 Slideshare Assignment Wilkes University
  2. 2. What is a Flipped Lesson?• Students watch an online lesson for homework to learn the basics of tomorrow’s topic• Teachers work with students on practice problems/prompts/topics during class time
  3. 3. Why a Flipped Lesson?• Students can ask questions as they happen, rather than thinking of them at home and waiting until the next day• Teachers can be a “guide-by-their-side” for students as they • Changes up the practice concepts monotony of the day- to-day routine
  4. 4. Where did the idea come from? • Two Colorado Chemistry teachers wanted to tape and post lessons on line for absent students to view – Found that even students who missed class were using the lessons to review or reinforce
  5. 5. How will it go over?• When tried in my classroom, I had some angry parents and complaints – “[Student] can’t ask questions during the lesson.” – “But we send them to school so you can teach them there.”• Other parents and students raved about it, and loved the in class attention to individual help for students
  6. 6. Where can I find information on Flipped Lessons?•••
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