Sourcing is Recruiting with Audacity


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Sourcing is Recruiting with Audacity

  1. 1. ‫‪Give Your Recruiters the Tools‬‬ ‫‪They Need to Embrace Sourcing‬‬‫תנו למגייסות (ולמגייסים) את הכלים שהן‬ ‫צריכות כדי לאמץ את תחום הסורסינג‬
  2. 2. If you don’t have time to source, you’re not doing it right!
  3. 3. Systems and Process
  4. 4. Requirement Intelligence Gathering GatheringRecruitment Internet Marketing Sourcing Job TelephoneAdvertising Sourcing Converting ConvertingRespondents Suspects © Arbita, Inc.
  5. 5.  Ask WHY? Define your strategy, tactics and operations Are they really ready to hire or are you wasting time? Prepare! You are the authority, do your research before meeting with the hiring manager, show value Come up with alternate keywords, job titles, company names and other suggestions At the meeting set timelines, begin managing expectations What “else” would be valuable to know? 5
  6. 6.  Convert them, establish communication Build rapport, turn leads into contacts Job Advertisement Distribution ensures accurate posting and minimizes waste Goal:  Qualify based on the job req, assess interest  Unqualified/uninterested? Develop referrals! 6
  7. 7.  Identify “cold” leads outside the organization’s traditional recruitment systems Hundreds of research methods, job boards, leads databases, purchased lists, Internet research and telephone sourcing Sometimes leads are but a name, email, bio, home page, or profile The goal is to obtain information about someone with a relevant background or skill who may become a candidate 7
  8. 8.  Two-way conversation: email, phone, social media If qualified and interested they become an “activated candidate” and enter the application process Outbound recruitment or “sourcing” ends here Traditional inbound recruitment process begins Sourcers sometimes handle initial phone screening Hand-off to recruiter typically occurs here 8
  9. 9. Deep WebSearch EnginesSocial Networks Job Boards ATS Inbox
  10. 10. Every recruiter can benefit from these
  11. 11.  Increased online presence elevates your brand and grows your network Participate and engage with prospects on others’ Facebook pages, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter accounts and Blogs
  12. 12.  Online communities allow members access to each other via email or other contact information. Make direct and reciprocal contact with specific individuals of interest
  13. 13.  Online activity results in favorable organic ranking by search engines, driving traffic to you and reducing advertising budget Save on staffing firms and job boards by proactively and continuously soliciting referrals from online contacts
  14. 14.  The Internet is replete with “word on the street” Gain industry buzz, competitive intelligence on where the talent pool is headed, the types and availability of talent communities, “who’s who” in the sector, act as a company and competitor reputation meter
  15. 15. What to bring to the intake meeting and what to take from it
  16. 16.  Names of competitor or similar companies Alternative job titles from above Synonyms to the keywords in the requisition Niche community websites, job boards or career sites List of possibly relevant organizations, associations, certification, standards or consortiums Similar positions previously filled Backgrounds of successful placements (resumes or bios) Suggestions on relevant technologies, niches, applications, product categories 16
  17. 17.  Profile of an ideal candidate Specific prospect qualification questions Validation of keywords, competitors or similar companies, job titles, jargon, associations, conference, etc. “Absolute Must Have" keywords that if absent will eliminate candidate Preferred or "Nice to Have" keywords that would elevate a candidate to the top of the list Names of Vendors /Partners, and companies that are off-limits Tools, industry terms, buzz words, jargon used by target candidates Names of members of the interview panel Individuals they recommend to contact, or NOT to contact If we bring you the perfect candidate, are you ready to hire now? 17
  18. 18. 1. Traditional Job Postings and Job Board Resumes2. Resumes from Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.)3. Resumes from company’s ATS and/or CRM4. Recruitment Marketing (SEO/SEM, direct ads, mobile)5. Deep Web Research (direct sourcing)6. Professional Associations, Conferences, Non-profit Orgs7. University and Corporate Alumni Organizations8. Specialized Leads Databases (Zoominfo, Jigsaw, etc.)9. Diversity Communities and Affinity Groups10. Online Communities (mailing lists, user groups, forums)11. Online Social Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Ning)12. Other Social Media (Blogs, Microblogs) 19
  19. 19. STAGE GOAL KEY FOCUS ON… 8 Advantage Pipeline Launching Programs 7 Culture Collaboration Establishing Policies 6 Synergy Engagement Forming Partnerships 5 Value Enthusiasm Managing Expectations 4 Efficiency Productivity Improving Systems 3 Cost Capacity Increasing Abilities 2 Time Energy Refining Procedures 1 Quality Effort Standardizing Practices
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