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Ch.13 part 3 gargles, washes, enemas


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mouthwash, enema, clyster, rectal injection,

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Ch.13 part 3 gargles, washes, enemas

  1. 1. Prepared by:Asst. Prof. Ma. Lourdes L. Mojares, R. Ph.CEU School of Pharmacy
  2. 2.  Are concentrated solutions used to treat the pharynx and the nasopharynx by forcing air through the lungs thru the gargle which is held in the throat. May be Diluted with water (as mouthwash) or Undiluted / Concentrated (as gargles) prior to use Phenol Gargle Betadine (Povidone – Iodine) Gargle Bactidol (Hexetidine) Gargle
  3. 3.  Areaqueous solutions most often used for their deodorizing, refreshing and antiseptic effect. Oftenused cosmetically than therapeutically
  4. 4.  Mouthwash, NF; Colgate Plax; Listerine; Astring-O-Sol; Swish OTHER WASHES EYEWASH - Collyrium NASAL WASH - Collunarium
  5. 5.  Are aqueous solutions directed against a part or into a cavity of the body Functions as cleansing or antiseptic agent Usually administered into a body part using a bulb syringe / fountain syringe
  6. 6. KINDS:1. Eye douche2. Nasal douche3. Pharyngeal douche4. Vaginal Douche
  7. 7. May be prepared from powders orfrom liquid solutions or liquidconcentratesUsed for irrigative cleansing of thevagina
  8. 8. RECTAL INJECTION / CLYSTERS1. Evacuate the bowel2. Influence the general system by absorption3. Affect locally the seat of disease
  9. 9. I. EVACUATION ENEMA Used to cleanse the bowel Fleet enema ®II. RETENTION ENEMAa. Nutritive enemab. Medicated enemac. Diagnostic enema (for imaging purposes) – Barium Sulfate Enema