Moringafact’s Introduction 02: Shape Live Moringa Farm Report Annual Review 2007


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Moringafact’s Introduction 02: Shape Live Moringa Farm Report Annual Review 2007

  1. 1. SHAPE LIVES FOUNDATION “translating vision into reality” ANNUAL REVIEW 2007 Working to save and shape lives by supporting, promoting policies and implementing developmental projects related to poverty reduction; empowerment of the poor, handicapped and others victimized by society to improve the overall standard of living in Ghana. Working on Behalf of Handicapped, We provided bicycles to many school children like Effie in the picture that used to walk long distances to school. In the village of Nyariga, in the Upper East Region of Ghana , we provided bikes to over 50 school children.
  2. 2. Introducing Shape Lives Foundation…… Shape Lives Foundation works on behalf of the poor, handicapped and others victimized by society to improve the overall standard of living in Ghana. This annual review was produced Since its conception as an NGO in 2004 , it has help many less to tell all our partners, friends and privileged women and children in the Upper East and Volta people like you about our work Regions of Ghana. Shape Lives Foundation works with local during the past year, how we raise groups and individuals towards the achievement of its aims money and spend it, and how you can help. and objectives. To find more information about Our Mission is…………………… our work, please visit our • Providing relief to the poor, handicapped and others website at : victimized by society especially women and children • Equipping the rural youth with entrepreneurial skills to become self-employed and self dependent Phones us on • Providing health information and support • Providing guidance and counseling services to help people +233 20 8886650 translate their vision into reality Or write to us at: • Food security and farming activities • Support for brilliant but needy children in schools P.O. Box SK 215 Tema • Other developmental activities Ghana, West Africa Email:
  3. 3. MANAGEMENT BOARD’S REPORT rd This has been an exceptional 3 anniversary for Shape Lives Foundation and I write on behalf of the Management Board with great pride about our achievements. We are meeting our ambitions, changing lives, whilst at the same time planning strategically for the coming years. The development of people in the rural areas of Ghana is very important and this requires the role of all civic groups and societies to accelerate this process. Research has shown that 93% of Ghanaians are living in poverty. The worst affected parts are the Northern and the Upper regions where 90 % of the people are living in absolute poverty. The provision of sustainable jobs ( especially to women and youth) and educational infrastructure , as well as supporting marginalized and disadvantaged children is perhaps the most sustainable way to produce development and elimination of poverty. It is therefore gratifying to note that, the Shape Lives Foundation is making a great impact in these regions, - making people break away from the bondage of poverty. Presently, our development programmes and activities are complementing the development efforts and plans of the District Assemblies and the District Education Service in our operational area and this has resulted in closer collaboration between us all. As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary and Shape Lives Foundation achievements, our plans envisage the need of accelerating speedily on our projects to enable us fully break the bondage of poverty that is binding our people. We collectively hope that individuals and groups who share our vision and objectives after reading this report will seek collaboration and networking with us for the single goal of bettering lives and making someone break from poverty. I may end by thanking all individuals and organizations that have contributed so much especially our officers , volunteers advisers , donors and all well wishers. Without you, we can’t make our organization and project reality. God bless you all!! Long live Shape Lives Foundation!!! BENJAMIN D. Otiah - Chairman of Board.
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMMES Our current programmes activities are geared towards sustainable jobs creation for women and youth, schools vegetable gardening, Educational infrusture development, computer training to basic schools and youth and children sponsorship to schools and employable skills. The following projects were carried out within the year of review: I. Economic Empowerment to Rural Women and Youth (Blessing Basket Weaving) In the Upper East region, basketry is the only economic back born of the people but is very sad to note that all basket weavers are the neediest and very poor because they lack good market for their products. Only those so called “businessmen”, thus middlemen, make money by paying the weavers very low wages because they know they need the money to buy their basic needs and no alternatives. They then send these baskets to Europe and other places to sell keeping all the profits for themselves without considering the plight of neither the weavers nor the communities these baskets come from. The Shape Lives Foundation brought hope to the weavers in the region by paying prosperity wages to the weavers for weaving baskets and then sends the baskets to America to sell. We ensure that every basket is signed by the weavers; we attach pictures of the weavers to the baskets and share with customers about their plight. They then feel like they know the weavers too – and when a face is connected to a name it makes the purchase of the basket very personal. The Shape Lives foundation takes no money from the sales of baskets for the organization nor for the workers, instead do we find other sources of funding to pay the many expenses we have associated with running the project. The proceeds are brought back to the communities to implements a development project chosen by the people. In Nyariga, such funds a being used in support of building a girl’s school. A picture of women weaving blessing basket
  5. 5. About 800 basket weavers benefited and are still benefiting and include women and youth. Many young people that left the villages to cities looking for non existing jobs returned to unite with their families to benefit from this laudable project. As a result, orphaned children that never dreamt of education enrolled to school, poor widows and families that can’t even afford a meal a day were relieved from their worries because they have expanded their farms and now have abundant harvest to carter for themselves. The news of this project spread wide to the entire region like wide fire and the local radio stations talked much about it realizing the impact of the project , thus helping to reduce hunger in the region, for it is the first of its kind in the region . Women dancing happily after receiving prosperity wages A woman receiving prosperity wage for weaving blessing basket.
  6. 6. II. The House of Children Home This Orphanage is located at Volta Region in a village called Attabu, about 2 kilometers north of Hohoe, the district capital. It is currently housing 21 orphans with a very kind hearted woman as their mother. This orphanage was discovered by Mr. Alexander Kedje on his way to Hohoe. He fell in love with one of the orphans that bear is birthday name, Kwame and by his recommendation, the home was adopted for a year round support by Shape Lives Foundation. We supported the orphanage with food items and money for medical care for the orphans. Mr. Alexander with orphans at the children home
  7. 7. III. Bicycle s for All Ages Bicycle for All- Ages (BAA) is one of the projects Shape Lives Foundation implemented in 2007. This project is still ongoing. The mission of the project is to provide a reliable alternative source of transportation for people living in rural areas of Ghana by providing bicycles at affordable prices. The project is designed to provide bicycles at low prices to students, workers, farmers and all those who use bicycles in one way or the other. In 2007, this project has provided to over 1000 persons with second-hand good quality bikes and affordable bikes including famers , market women and school children in Volta and Upper East regions. Bike beneficiary -Joe Salam and his friends happily riding to School children riding to school school Shape Lives Project officer, Mr Adulai donating bikes to Nyariga community at Bolgatanga
  8. 8. IV. Volta School for the Deaf: The Volta School for the Deaf is the only special disability school in the Hohoe district of Ghana in the Volta region. The Shape Lives Foundation supported some children in this school with school sandals. The state of the children prior to the presentation of the school sandals The Assistant Headmistress (Miss Diddy Ntim) presenting school sandals to the children on behalf of Shape Lives Foundation Children happily in their sandals
  9. 9. Thank you Letters Some of the children wrote in their own words thanks you letters to one of one partner organization- Hope For Children: Please see below few scanned copies.
  10. 10. Other Projects Pictures Some of the beneficiaries with uniforms and Children were presented with teddies bikes at Bume/ VR at Santrokofi – Bume School School Children were presented with pens and pencils Alexander distributing pencils and pens to school to school children A pupil receiving her school uniform
  11. 11. To God be all the Glory! We use this privilege to thank God Almighty for preserving the life of our Project Manager, Mr. Alexander Kedje and his friend Jeffery from a fatal accident that happened when they where returning from Bolgatanga to Accra. Mr. Alexander and his friend went to pay prosperity wages to Nyariga weavers and visited some other projects in the Bolgatanga district. The devil became mad for their good works and decided to terminate their lives on Accra Kumasi road but he did not succeed. We are very grateful to God and many thanks to all those who were in prayers with us during their hospitalization . The Devil is a liar! Shape Lives Foundation will continue with its good works. See the accident car pictures below:
  12. 12. ACCOUNTS FOR YEAR ENDED 31ST DECEMBER2007 INCOMING RESOURCES GHC Uncommitted Reserves from 2006 22,351,000 Contribution from members and volunteers 7,780,000 Grants received 603,000,000 Fundraising proceeds 9,203,000 Donations 9,030,000 Total Income 651,364,000 EXPENDED RESOURCES Administrative Expenses 1 32,520,000 Economic Empowerment Projects 2 491,170,000 Educational Projects 3 106,310,000 Total Expenditure 630,000,000 Uncommitted Reserves 21,364,000 Note: This financial information is an extract from our annual accounts. For a fuller understanding you should obtain the annual report accounts for the year, which are available by email or by post.
  13. 13. Place your order for beautiful bolga baskets online These products are made in Ghana and available for sale to organizations and individuals. By buying any one of these products, you are providing a day's meal to someone. By ordering more of the products, you are providing employment for many less privileged women and youth in Ghana. If you are interested in any of the products, please contact us. God bless you for your support. © Copyright 2007. Shape Lives Foundation. All rights reserved.