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Object oriented design


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Describe the key-points in the Object Oriented Design

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Object oriented design

  1. 1. Object Oriented Design Mohammad Reda Katby Solution Architect MOHE
  2. 2. Object Oriented Design • Interface-Based Design andTools • Design Principles • Design Patterns • Symptoms of Poor design
  3. 3. Different Levels of Abstraction • Architecture Pattern • Specify the structure of the overall system • Integration Pattern • Specify how many systems can interact with each other. • Design Pattern • Define a common ways to solve a common problems in design phase of systems • Implementation Pattern • Specify how a low level pattern that relate to the specific implementation will be written
  4. 4. Design Pattern - Taxonomy • Creational Pattern • Concern the process of object creation • Structural Pattern • Deal with the composition of classes or objects • Behavioral Pattern • Characterize the ways in which classes or objects interact and distribute responsibility