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第14回 Cloud Foundry 輪読会

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. 第14回 Cloud Foundry 輪読会 GO-CFを試してみる Copyright(C) 2013 NTT Software Corporation All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. 自己紹介  名前  森川 健  所属  NTTソフトウェア 技術開発センターOSS技術部門 クラウド推進室  2013.4.19  JGGUG向けのCloud Foundryを使ったハンズオンを実施
  3. 3. Cloud Foundry CLI written in Go
  4. 4. Backgroundより※  Project to rewrite the Cloud Foundry CLI tool using Go. This project should currently be considered alpha quality software and should not be used in production environments. If you need something more stable, please check out the RubyGem. ※
  5. 5. コミットアクティビティ
  6. 6. その他主要コンポーネント等のGo化 ※各リポジトリのコミット開始時期  DEA_NG(Directory Server)  2012/6~  GOROUTER  2012/12~  GONATS  2012/5~(cloudfoundry本家)  2012/8~(derekcollison / nats-go)  CLI(GO-CF)  2013/8~  HM9000  2013/9~
  7. 7. とりあえずubuntuでGOを apt-getインストール $ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Release: 12.04 Codename: precise $ sudo apt-get install golang-go $ go version go version go1
  8. 8. ビルド! コミットハッシュは以下の時にトライ 16d5974a5046696509d31cae844fc3869338b41c $ git clone $ cd cli $ git submodule update --init --recursive $ ./bin/build # cf/terminal cli/src/cf/terminal/ui_unix.go:43: undefined: signal.Stop 動かない。。。
  9. 9. 失敗の理由を調べる   The os/signal package has a new function, Stop, which stops the package delivering any further signals to the channel.
  10. 10. go1.1以降を手動で導入  以下から落としてくる  amd64.tar.gz  /usr/local/goに置いてひとまずPATHを通す $ go version go version devel +f4d1cb8d9a91 Thu Sep 19 22:34:33 2013 +1000 linux/amd64
  11. 11. ビルド再挑戦 コミットハッシュは以下の時にトライ a79e769418ee9b2223d0353d577f742d0e872711 $ ./bin/build $ cd out/ $ ls go-cf ※gitの最新版を再取得をしているので submoduleのupdateを事前にしています
  12. 12. Anyninesにtargetを向ける $ ./go-cf target FAILED Incorrect Usage. NAME: target - Set or view the targeted org or space ALIAS: t USAGE: cf target [-o ORG] [-s SPACE] OPTIONS: -o '' organization -s '' space
  13. 13. apiコマンドでtargetを向ける  ./go-cf api  Setting api endpoint to  FAILED  Invalid JSON response from server: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go value of type string
  14. 14. v2のall-in-oneに変更 $ ./go-cf api Setting api endpoint to OK Warning: Insecure http API endpoint detected: secure https API endpoints are recommended API endpoint: (API version: 2.0.0) Not logged in. Use 'cf login' to log in.
  15. 15. login $ ./go-cf login Username> admin Password> Authenticating... Org> system_domain Space> develop API endpoint: (API version: 2.0.0) User: admin Org: system_domain Space: develop
  16. 16. apps $ ./go-cf apps Getting apps in org system_domain and space develop as admin... OK name state instances memory disk urls sinatra started 1/1 256M 1G
  17. 17. scale $ ./go-cf scale sinatra -i 2 Scaling app sinatra... Stopping sinatra... OK Starting sinatra... OK 0 of 2 instances running (2 starting) Started
  18. 18. app $ ./go-cf app sinatra Showing health and status for app sinatra... OK state: started instances: 2/2 usage: 256M x 2 instances urls: status since cpu memory disk #0 running 2013-10-22 07:31:29 PM 0.0% 17.8M of 256M 53.4M of 1G #1 running 2013-10-22 07:31:29 PM 0.0% 17.9M of 256M 53.4M of 1G
  19. 19. push go-cf push sinatra Creating sinatra... OK FAILED Domain not found
  20. 20. 再度push go-cf push sinatra -d Uploading sinatra... OK Stopping sinatra... OK Starting sinatra... OK ........................ 0 of 1 instances running (1 starting) Started
  21. 21. Stacks $ ./go-cf stacks Getting stacks... OK name description lucid64 Ubuntu 10.04
  22. 22. その他  オフィシャルにリリースされているもの   v0.0.1.alphaのみ(2013/9/6日版)  INSTALL.mdによるとwindowsでもパスを 通せば動く様子(未検証) 
  23. 23. v0.0.1.alpha時のヘルプ COMMANDS: target, t Set or view the target login, l Log user in set-env, se Set an environment variable for an application logout, lo Log user out push, p Push an application apps, a List all applications in the currently selected space delete, d Delete an application start, s Start applications stop, st Stop applications create-service, cs Create service instance bind-service, bs Bind a service instance to an application unbind-service, us Unbind a service instance from an application delete-service, ds Delete a service instance routes, r List all routes services, sv List all services in the currently selected space help, h
  24. 24. まとめ  まだgihtub上のreleaseに1.0は存在しない ものの機能が揃ってきている  cf apps相当の処理でも体感出来る位のレ スポンス差がある  コマンドのオプションを極力1文字で済ま せたいという思想を感じる(--instancesが 使えなくなっていたり)
  25. 25. 【参考】コマンド一覧(1/8)              $ ./go-cf -h NAME: cf - A command line tool to interact with Cloud Foundry USAGE: [environment variables] cf [global options] command [arguments...] [command options] VERSION: 1.0.0.rc1-a79e769418 COMMANDS: help api app apps, a auth Show help Set or view target api url Display health and status for app List all apps in the target space Authenticate user non-interactively
  26. 26. 【参考】コマンド一覧(2/8)                 bind-service, bs Bind a service instance to an app buildpacks List all buildpacks create-buildpack Create a buildpack create-org, co Create an org create-service, cs Create a service instance create-service-auth-token Create a service auth token create-service-broker Create a service broker create-space Create a space create-user Create a new user create-user-provided-service, cups Make a user-provided service available to cf apps delete, d Delete an app delete-buildpack Delete a buildpack delete-domain Delete a domain delete-org Delete an org delete-route Delete a route delete-service, ds Delete a service instance
  27. 27. 【参考】コマンド一覧(3/8)  delete-service-auth-token Delete a service auth token  delete-service-broker  delete-space  delete-user  domains  env, e  events  files, f Print out a list of files in a directory or the contents of a specific file  login, l Log user in  logout, lo  logs Delete a service broker Delete a space Delete a user List domains in the target org Show all env variables for an app Show recent app events Log user out Tail or show recent logs for an app
  28. 28. 【参考】コマンド一覧(4/8)  marketplace, m  map-domain  map-route  org  org-users  orgs, o  passwd, pw  push, p Push a new app or sync changes to an existing app  quotas List available usage quotas  rename List available offerings in the marketplace Map a domain to a space Add a url route to an app Show org info Show org users by role List all orgs Change user password Rename an app
  29. 29. 【参考】コマンド一覧(5/8)  rename-org Rename an org  rename-service  rename-service-broker  rename-space Rename a space  reserve-domain Reserve a domain on an org for later use  reserve-route  restart, rs Restart an app  routes, r List all routes  scale Rename a service instance Rename a service broker Reserve a url route on a space for later use Change the disk quota, instance count, and memory limit for an app
  30. 30. 【参考】コマンド一覧(6/8)  service Show service instance info  service-auth-tokens  service-brokers  services, s List all services in the target space  set-env, se Set an env variable for an app  set-org-role Assign an org role to a user  set-quota Define the quota for an org  set-space-role Assign a space role to a user  share-domain Share a domain with all orgs List service auth tokens List service brokers
  31. 31. 【参考】コマンド一覧(7/8)  space Show target space's info  space-users  spaces List all spaces in an org  stacks List all stacks  start, st Start an app  stop, sp Stop an app  target, t Set or view the targeted org or space  unbind-service, us  unmap-domain  unmap-route  unset-env  unset-org-role  unset-space-role Show space users by role Unbind a service instance from an app Unmap a domain from a space Remove a url route from an app Remove an env variable Remove an org role from a user Remove a space role from a user
  32. 32. 【参考】コマンド一覧(8/8)  update-buildpack Update a buildpack  update-service-broker  update-service-auth-token  update-user-provided-service, uups Update user-provided service name value pairs  Update a service broker Update a service auth token GLOBAL OPTIONS:  --version print the version  --help, -h show help  ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES:  CF_TRACE=true - will output HTTP requests and responses during command  HTTP_PROXY= - set to your proxy
  33. 33. 記載されているシステム名、製品名は 各社および商標権者の登録商標あるいは 商標です。