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Cyberbullying Final Presentaton


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Cyberbullying Final Presentaton

  1. 1. By: Morgan Johnson, Tricia Schinnerer, Matt Sheffer, Kyle Heid, and Robby Hawkins Cyberbullying
  2. 2. Megan Meier
  3. 3. The Severity of Cyberbullying Factors Responsible for the Problem Today The Extensiveness of Cyberbullying Possible Solutions
  4. 4. Severity of Cyberbullying
  5. 5. Factors Causing the Problem <ul><li>The Leading Cause of Cyberbullying is Technology </li></ul>
  6. 6. Factors Causing the Problem <ul><li>Victims Can’t Escape </li></ul>-700 Million accomplices can be recruited to help target a child -63% of teens have a cell phone -84% of teens have a personal media device -7% of teenagers don’t use the internet
  7. 7. Source of Entertainment -Lauren Schwartz 65%- 85% of students are bullied by their close friends. Factors Causing the Problem Bully Doesn’t Fear Punishment -Anthony Sahaf Interview
  8. 8. Factors Causing the Problem Motivated by Anger Revenge or Frustration Power Hungry
  9. 9. The Extensiveness of Cyberbullying Resources and Ammo
  10. 10. The Extensiveness of Cyberbullying Types of Cyberbullying
  11. 12. Possible Solutions
  12. 13. Our Solution to Cyberbullying Make Parents Aware Construct Organizations
  13. 14. “ If you bully someone face to face, and they get upset, you see them cry and be hurt. When it’s over the Internet, you can’t see the emotional reaction and go along thinking it’s no big deal.” - Robin Kowalski Conclusion
  14. 15. <ul><li>“ In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” </li></ul><ul><li> -Martin Luther King, Jr. </li></ul>