Teaching Transgender (TIC 2007)


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Teaching Transgender (TIC 2007)

  1. 1. Teaching Transgender Talking about the Silent “T” Morgan Ray maray@student.umass.edu
  2. 2. Section 2 - Gender Introduction Provides various documents listing identity words and definitions Basic information on how to be an Ally Basic information about the state of trans youth
  3. 3. Section 3 - Student Resources Resources for questioning youth Resources for youth’s friends Resources for youth’s families Resources for youth considering transition
  4. 4. Section 4 - Teacher Resources Contextualizing homophobia in schools Concrete ideas for improving the classroom, school, and school system Models and suggestions for implementing a Safe Schools program or policy, a Gay/Straight Alliance, and creating your own inclusive curriculum
  5. 5. Section 5 - English Talking Back Targeting Transgender Oh Baby Diary of a Drag Queen Crossing
  6. 6. Section 5 - Science Of Genes and Gender Dueling Dualisms Toward a Theory of Gender Trapped in the Body of a Man
  7. 7. Section 5 - Social Studies  Romancing Kinship  On Locations  The Semiotics of Transgendered Sexual Identity  The Third Sex  Passing in India  Bhartia Hijro Ka Dharma  As Repression Eases, More Iranians Change Their Sex  The Birth of Hate Crimes
  8. 8. Section 5 - History An Aztec Two-Spirit Cosmology The Manly Woman A History of Gender Variance in Pre-20th Century The Third Gender in 20th Century America Jack’s Last Years 1960’s Revisited Christine Jorgensen, 62, is Dead
  9. 9. Section 5 - Current Events 2 Guilty of the Murder in Death of a Transgender Teenager A Victory for Boston’s Transgender Population Transsexuals in Women’s Prisons An Employee Hired as a Man, Became a Woman Firm Offers Transgender Protections Sexuality, Drugs and the Ideal of Sport
  10. 10. Section 6 - Tool Kits Offer various organizations ideas for working with students Provides extended further reading lists Addresses a variety of classroom concerns
  11. 11. Section 7 - Gallery  Letters written by past and present high school students who did or do identify as transgender  Place the letters up around the room, allow participants to wander and take them in  Not ideal for students, however, can be a powerful site of personal reflection or education of other teachers
  12. 12. What makes effective supplemental curriculum? • What pronouns are used to described the transgender or gender variant person? Are these the same pronouns the person would chose to use for his/her/hirself? • Does the material eroticize the transgender person or identity? • Does the material pathologize the transgender person or identity? • Does the material exoticize cultures that are accepting of transgender and gender variant identities? • Does the material normalize gender variance? • What assumptions are presented by the material about the transgender or gender variant person? • What assumptions are your students likely to make about transgender or gender variant person based on the material? For example: o That all transpeople are white? o That all transpeople are middle class? o That all transpeople are transitioning? o That all transpeople are unhappy? • Does the literature evoke a pity response towards the transgender or gender variant person? • In what context are you presenting the material? • Are you prepared to answer questions your students may have about transgender or • gender variant issues, or direct them to the appropriate resources?