Precious Metal Refining - Jen's - Morgan Mill Metals


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Precious Metal Refining - Jen's - Morgan Mill Metals

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Precious Metal Refining - Jen's - Morgan Mill Metals

  1. 1. Morgan Mill Metals is afull service refineryproviding outstandingcustomer service. Weservice industrial,manufacturing, jewelry,dental, medical and otherconsumers of preciousmetals. We process gold,silver, platinum andpalladium at competitiveprices.
  2. 2. Morgan Mill Metals iscommitted to developing thetrust and confidence of itscustomers. We offer morethan 30 years of knowledgeand expertise in the industry.We rely on both traditionaland advanced instrumentaltechnology to meet the needsof our customers.
  3. 3. To Our CustomersMorgan Mill Metals provides courteous service andexpeditious returns. We offer an online metalsestimator to assist in determining the value of yourmaterial. We provide multiple settlement optionsand fully insured shipping. We look forward toearning your trust and meeting your refining needsfor many years to come.
  4. 4. Jewelry We accept all karat scrap, bench filings, bench sweeps, filters, a nd the work bench carpets under your feet!
  5. 5. Jewelry Terms Bullion Terms: Karat scrap, bench filings and other karat grade material Troy Ounces Assay Fee Accountability 0 – 10 $100.00 98% 11 – 16 $75.00 98% 17 – 50 $50.00 98% 50 + $50.00 98.5% Settlements are 5 business days from date of receipt.
  6. 6. Jewelry Terms Sweeps Terms: Material destined for Incineration Treatment Charge: $3.15 per lb. after burning Assay Fee: $100.00 Accountability: Based on London Fix Market Price Karat 97% Silver 90% Platinum 80% less $20.00 from London Fix Palladium 80% less $20.00 from London Fix Settlements are 10 business days from date of receipt.
  7. 7. Silver Morgan Mill Metals offers refining services for a wide variety of silver products.
  8. 8. Silver Terms High Grade Silver: 80% + purity (including flake) Treatment Charge: $ 0.25 per troy ounce Minimum Assay Fee: $ 75.00 Accountability: 97 % Silver 90 % Karat Settlements are 15 business days from date received.
  9. 9. Silver Terms Low Grade Silver: anything less than 80% purity Treatment Charge: $ 0.40 per troy ounce Assay Fee: $ 75.00 Accountability: 95% 95% 90% 90% Silver Karat Platinum Palladium Settlements are 15 business days from date received.
  10. 10. Chemical Stone Removal Our Stone Removal process is brilliantly formulated to carefully extract your delicate stones while producing the maximum returns for your precious metals. Find out more about this amazing process from your Morgan Mill Metals representative.
  11. 11. Chemical Stone Removal Stone Removal Terms: Treatment Charge: $1.75 per incoming troy ounce Assay Fee: $100.00 Accountability: 98% Settlements are 5 business days from date received.
  12. 12. Medical & Dental MMM processes all types of dental scrap including sweeps, grindings, filters, crowns and bridges. We also handle an assortment of precious metal bearing medical waste including heart catheters. MMM is legally certified to accept medical waste products which may contain residual body fluids. MMM recommends any company with precious metals bearing medical waste, avoid downstream liability by sending such material to a certified refiner with legally trained personnel.
  13. 13. Medical & Dental Dental Terms for Meltable Materials: Dental scrap, crowns, bridges, filters and dust from collectors: Treatment charge: $ .98 per troy ounce Minimum assay fee: $ 50.00 Accountability: 98% Karat 98% Silver 90% Platinum 90% Palladium Settlements are 10 business days from date received.
  14. 14. Medical & Dental Catheter Terms: Accountability: 70% Platinum Settlements are 30 business days from date received.
  15. 15. SettlementOptions MMM offers several types of settlement options including checks, wire transfer, coins, bullion, and consignment for future sale.
  16. 16. Easy ShippingOur online packing slip makes it easy to send your materials to us. Allshipments will be scheduled for pick up by Federal Express. A label willbe provided and emailed to you that will include full insurance coverageand shipping cost. Our volume discount rate through Fed Ex will bepassed on to you, our customer.
  17. 17. To ContactMorgan Mill Metals: Morgan Mill Metals is aJennifer Rose Proud Member of:25 Morgan Mill RoadJohnston, RI 02919Direct: 401-789-8360Toll Free 855-270-9944Fax:
  18. 18. Terms and Conditions: Minimums for all schedules: Gold 3 ppt. or 0.1 ozt. Silver 1% or 1 ozt. Platinum 3 ppt. or .1 ozt. Palladium 3 ppt. or .1 ozt. Material containing cadmium will not be accepted. All terms are subject to change at the sole discretion of Morgan Mill Metals without prior notification.