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IABC Webinar: Transforming Traditional Public Relations Tactics Into Digital PR by Carrie Morgan


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New to digital public relations? Here are three fantastic ways to get started... and show FAST, measurable results!

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IABC Webinar: Transforming Traditional Public Relations Tactics Into Digital PR by Carrie Morgan

  1. 1. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Transforming Traditional Tactics Into Digital PR Carrie Morgan Digital PR Consultant Rock The Status Quo We Make Brands More Visible & Vibrant Online
  2. 2. Today PR & communications demand stronger online skills…. constantly learning… … and using time and resources more effectively Ack!
  3. 3. The pressure to learn new skills & add new tactics is enormous. garbage from gold. Those who DON’T open the door to increasing criticism. IT’S A REQUIREMENT. But it doesn’t have To be overwhelming.
  4. 4. Rethink PR. Yesterday: media relations, IR, press releases Today: offline + online visibility FAR MORE MOVING PARTS. You… the learners… are the ones who create new best practices & pave the way for slower adopters. KUDOS!
  5. 5. Enter digitalPR Traditional PR TRADITIONAL PR + content marketing + social media + SEO Integration = maximum visibility
  6. 6. Why should you CARE? Traditional PR + content marketing + social media + SEO brand reputation real-time marketing brand journalism crisis control ALL HEAVILY IMPACT COMMUNICATIONS AND BENEFIT FROM INTEGRATION. TRADITIONAL PR
  7. 7. But together? GAME-CHANGING Each one is powerful. A few ways to get started...
  8. 8. Drop media dependency. You chose what & where to publish, how to amplify and where conversations happen.
  9. 9. 1. Identify 3-4 blogs in your industry. Write a post for one every single month.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE Industry: Banking Goal: CEO visibility
  11. 11. Find the right blogs, then start writing.  Keep it MANAGABLE. Personal finance? Business finance? Investing? Banking?
  12. 12. Now what? INTEGRATE. 1. Write and submit post(s) 2. Share on social media Post on CEO’s LinkedIn…, then share on LI Company page, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 3. Create conversations Comments on the post, expand topic on a corporate website post, social share plug-in (LiveFyre, Disqus) to connect conversations, etc. 1 post x 3-4 blogs = 12 articles per year Enough frequency on each to build influence, giving your CEO the visibility he/she wants. BOOM.
  13. 13. 2. Make what you have streeeeeeeeeeeeetch further. Repurpose everything you * But no clones allowed. create 2 DIFFERENT WAYS. Maximize what you’ve created. Use* what you ALREADY HAVE. Press release -> post -> infographic -> SlideShare -> article
  14. 14. Have PowerPoints? Post them on SlideShare. iPad? Create fast visuals using HaikuDeck, Pictochart, Picmonkey or Canva. Annual report? You can post PDFs and videos on SlideShare, too . (250+ million page views!)
  15. 15. Growing trend of multigenerational living How to survive living w/ adult children Caregiving for your live-in aging parents Collateral + stats on SlideShare Be creative! Reach different audiences. eBook – tips living with parents/teens Webinar, event and/or podcast with experts Pinboards with educational content tweet tweet update
  16. 16. 3. Socialize all press releases. Make it easy on social media. share your news for journalists to … even if they don’t run the story!
  17. 17. Want help? Subscribe to my blog. I’ll help you rock the status quo. #PRprochat on First Thursdays @morgancarrie CC © aurimas adomavicius