Learn Digital PR with Veteran PR Pro and Author Carrie Morgan {Cision webinar}


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Miss the Cision webinar by Carrie Morgan and Heidi Sullivan on digital public relation tactics? Watch it here: http://bit.ly/121t8Lr

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  • What is Content Marketing?: CM is the creation & sharing of content - think of traditionalprint advertorials now amplified by the social web
  • Speak about where to host, discuss difference between hosting content on your social newsroom vs. propertiesSocial Newsroom works best for agencies or companies with multiple brands
  • Might be interesting to mention the difference between native advertising and brand journalism – one supports the other
  • Competing against PitchEngine – posting to one site instead of amplifying across many publishing site. Juice to help you extend outside your circles.
  • Learn Digital PR with Veteran PR Pro and Author Carrie Morgan {Cision webinar}

    1. 1. Digital PR Tactics with presenters: Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie Heidi Sullivan @hksully
    2. 2. 22 How to Participate Today  During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode.  If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session
    3. 3. 33 Webinar Hashtag #cision Follow Us!
    4. 4. 44 Your Featured Presenter: Carrie Morgan Author of ―Digital Haystack: Essential PR Tactics to Explode Online Visibility & Engagement‖ (Career Press, Spring 2014) Founder of #PRprochat (first Thursdays at 12pm PST) 20+ years of agency & corporate experience President & Consultant, Rock the Status Quo
    5. 5. 55 Your Co-Presenter: Heidi Sullivan Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Cision Named to PRWeek’s 2012 list of 40-under-40 in PR Regularly sought as a panelist & presenter at conference and industry events
    6. 6. Section DividerOnline PR
    7. 7. 77 Digital PR = traditional PR + content marketing, social media and SEO
    8. 8. 88 Digital PR  PR - not just about just media relations and press releases • we have more control, more outlets and FAR more visibility  Now includes ALL the ways a brand can be visible: online + off • traditional media + self-publishing (brand journalism) • direct conversations instead of mass outreach • being found, instead of finding them • challenge is not finding opportunities, it’s being heard among the noise  Content marketing expands coverage, shares value & showcases expertise • guest blog posts, bylined articles, blog syndication, slide decks, infographics, more content digested more ways  Social & search helps it be found, shared & discussed by the right audiences
    9. 9. 99 Great Basics to Start With  Blogger relations • Intelligent comments (be an expert) • Guest blog posts (leverage their audience) • Syndicated content (improved reach)  Twitter lists to build journalist relationships & monitor editorial opps • Build by industry, client, trade, location – whatever helps you do more faster • They don’t have to follow you – private or public • Listen, listen, listen • Never pitch cold unless responding to a source request  Socializing to curate content & build relationships • Share with a targeted audience to build visibility • Talk about what you share • Share + promote your own content
    10. 10. Section DividerContent Marketing
    11. 11. 1111 What is Content Marketing?
    12. 12. Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. Source: Content Marketing Institute
    13. 13. 1313 Where is your content being created today? Company Blog Press Release Social Media Articles Infographics
    14. 14. 1414 am·pli·fy: to increase the strength or amount of; especially: to make louder.‖ - Merriam-Webster In content marketing terms, amplification refers to tactics that help our content reach the audiences we are targeting. One form of this is native advertising.
    15. 15. 1515
    16. 16. 1616 Sharing content outside your circles  The First Circle: These are the connections that are closest to us — and the strongest. These are people who share our content simply because they know and trust us. You can think of these people as our ―brand fans‖.  The Second Circle: These are the friends of those in your first circle. They see our content on a regular basis because our first circle connections share it.  But how else can I reach these other circles to help promote organic growth? 16 The Book of Business Awesome. 2012
    17. 17. 1717 Cision Content Marketing Suite
    18. 18. Section DividerSEO
    19. 19. “Don’t let SEO overwhelm you. Start with basics that directly apply to your specific role.” - Carrie Morgan
    20. 20. 2020 Keyword Research 101 Identify the right keywords and phrases
    21. 21. 2121 Keyword Research 101  Focus on ONE keyword or phrase per page or piece of content  Identify 1-2 primary keywords/phrases for the company or brand Beyond the Content  Use keywords to drive your blog, editorial calendar or posts  Share keyword research with clients • free insight into customer demand & trends.  Understand how relevancy matters • good content must support the keyword.
    22. 22. 2222 Magic Trifecta of Keywords  Permalink + Page Title + Page Description  Leverage sites that already rank well for fast traction
    23. 23. Section DividerSocial Media
    24. 24. 2424 Know Your Audience  Be fully invested in the community you’re part of  Deliver real value to them  Follow the Rule of Three’s
    25. 25. 2525 The Importance of Lists Use Public and Private Lists on Twitter to: • Cut through the Noise • Learn more about a group of people you want to build relationships with • Interact with Journalists, Influencers & Advocates
    26. 26. 2626 Influencer Identification Question: How do you determine influencers in your space? Question: How will you measure their influence? Answer these before starting your social content marketing journey
    27. 27. 2727 Finding Influencers  Blogs – Topics of Interest + Metrics • (Comments, Inbound Links, Subscribers)  Twitter – Search for Topic + User’s Stats on # of Industry Mentions, Type of Following, Interactions  LinkedIn – Look at ‘Top Influencer’ section Once you find your influencers, who do they cite & talk to? These people are more than likely influencers, too.
    28. 28. 2828 Engaging with Influencers & Advocates  Participate: Engage with their content  Mention: Link to them in blog posts, include them in tweets, etc.
    29. 29. Digital PR Tactics Questions?