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GENRE: Research

  1. 1. Zombies!
  2. 2. In this PowerPoint I will be discussing the sub- genre of zombies. Definition of „Zombie‟s‟ – Zombie is a term used to describe a dead humanbeing brought back to life by mystical means, suchas witchcraft. The term is often used to describe ahypnotized person that is usually unconscious and has no self-awareness, but is able to respond to surroundings.
  3. 3. The horror genre started in the late 1890‟s to theearly 1900‟s. The sub genre of „zombie‟s‟ started inthe very early 1920‟s with the film, “The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari” in 1920. Then as the sub-genre established itself in the industry more films came out, such as “White Zombie” and “I Walked With A Zombie”. These films, were not like zombie films nowadays, as they required a kind of voodoo to awaken them from the dead. These types of zombies did not originally survive or require human flesh to remain resurrected.
  4. 4. The first zombie film produced, the first zombieseen on screen shows some of the characteristics that the nowadays „living dead‟ possess.The zombie had no hunger for human flesh, as this was not what zombies were originally used for. George A Romero created the „living dead‟ we all know now, that need human flesh to survive.
  5. 5. This film introduces the character of the „voodoo‟master, who summons the dead from the grave using his supernatural „assistance‟.The voodoo master controlled every move that the zombie made, with his mind. So when he was knocked out and killed he lost control over thezombies so they were unleashed from his trance.
  6. 6. In this film the theme of voodoo is used, as it is used to control the zombies. This film is loosely based on the novel Jane Eyre.The idea of others controlling other human beings, keeps with the genre of horror as it makes us scared as it is a very unnatural thing to do.
  7. 7. Yet again this film uses the theme of voodoo, which makes dead corpses come back to life. In this caselike most of the early zombie films, they resurrect the dead corpses not for harm, but to be used in theory, as their slaves. The film, „The Plague Of The Zombies‟, is about a swarm of zombies, that are led by an evil voodoomaster. He leads visitors to the village into the forest to change them into the living dead.
  8. 8. The film „Night Of The Living Dead‟ brought around a new view of the zombies.This new bread of zombies were know for attacking and feasting on the flesh of human beings. These zombies were known to be slow moving, moaning, flesh eating undead corpses.
  9. 9. This famous George A Romero film, effectively created the new bread of zombies. These new zombies required the flesh of living humans tosurvive. To be able to kill them, their brains must be destroyed. This was the first zombie film, where the zombies where violent towards living human beings. This brings the classic plot of the remaining survivors locked in a room. This then ends up with the survivors becoming more of a threat to each other than the zombies themselves.
  10. 10. The 1970‟s brought around Italian filmed zombie movies. These zombie movies were known for being much more gruesome, with more massively violent scenes and shots. This increased the popularity of the sub-genre, asthese films were very unlike films made by British or American directors. There were some films made, which even now are still very popular in the genre, such as „Zombi‟ and its sequel movies.
  11. 11. This was George A Romero‟s second zombie film.Following his „Night Of The Living Dead‟ triumph, he changed the whole view of zombies. Making the movie violent, by showing scenes of the zombies feasting on the human flesh. After this film was released it became so popular, that sequels were released for this film. This film was also known as Zombi worldwide. This film breathed life back into the sub-genre, which made it thrive again.
  12. 12. This is a well known Italian classic zombie movie. It was directed by the famous Lucio Fulci, who also directed the famous „Zombie‟ film. This film uses the sense that when a door is opened, it opens the „hell portal‟, which in time awakens the dead. Fulci, wanted to put across the idea of what is beyond life, is worse than the lives we live now.
  13. 13. The sub-genre of zombies really took off in the 80‟s.This is because the sub-genre was fully established in the industry, with many well known films produced. The view of zombies had changed, from slaves to „undead‟ flesh eating monsters.This meant that directors and writers could write, in theory, any type of zombie film they wanted. This was because there had been many filmsalready made, with the new „breed‟ of zombies. So making them as gory as they wanted wasnt a problem.
  14. 14. This was part of the sequel of the film „Dawn Of The Dead‟ directed by George A Romero. It does not have any of the remaining characters, from the previous films. This film, is based around a chemical that mutates the living to become flesh eating zombies. The storyline of this film is like most other zombie films, where the remaining survivors must work together in order to stay alive. The main storyline of most zombie films have remained the same for nearly over 30 years.
  15. 15. After a great fall in popularity in the 90‟s. The genrereally picked itself up again with the making of newzombies, that were not necessarily woken from the dead, but became infected, by viruses. The new form of zombie‟s were not smart, yet not stupid, they were fast moving and very loud. Some new zombie films brought the Italian gore, whilst some reverted back to the discrete violence that the zombies portrayed in the earlier zombie movies.
  16. 16. In this film, the idea of how the living, become the undead, has completely changed from the originalidea. The original idea of how the dead became the undead, is the use of voodoo. This film uses the form of a virus that spreads to whoever is bitten, even if it is just once. This film is well known for filming in deserted London area‟s.
  17. 17. Zom-coms (zombie comedy‟s) were attempted in the past, but were very unsuccessful. From theearly 2000‟s Zom-coms have become very popular, as the genre provides the viewer with fright andanguish, then provides the viewer with comic relief. This sub-sub-genre can be split again with the theme of romance as well making it a Zom-rom- com (zombie-romance-comedy). One of the most successful Zom-rom-coms would probably be, Shaun Of The Dead.
  18. 18. Although this could be classed as a Zom-rom-com, as the main character fall in love (again) withanother character, its main sub-genre is Zom-com. This is probably the first most successful zombie comedy ever produced.This films title is a play on words, as it is an obvious parody of „Dawn Of The Dead‟. George A Romero was so impressed with the film, that he asked Simon Pegg to star in Land Of The Dead.
  19. 19. Zombieland was one of the most anticipated Zom- com‟s of the 2000‟s. it was so big in the United States that it surpassed the film Dawn Of The Dead, to become the top grossing zombie film in the States. The form of disease that changes the living intozombies, was a mutated case of mad cow disease.This has changed from the 1920‟s where it was only voodoo magic that could turn the dead intozombies. Now zombies can make humans that are not dead turn into zombies just by biting them.
  20. 20. To conclude the sub-genre of zombies has changed dramatically over nearly a whole century. It has changed from voodoo magic to magical powers to virus spread diseases.George A Romero also made a dramatic change to the sub-genre making it one of the greatest sub- genres in horror films. Some say he was the man whole fully established the genre and made it what it is today.