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Top 5 ways to avoid a personal injury lawsuit


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Miami residents, employers, business owners, drivers, pet owners and medical staff members have to remain assertive and stay aware of their surroundings to avoid a personal injury suit.

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Top 5 ways to avoid a personal injury lawsuit

  1. 1. Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Personal Injury Lawsuit
  2. 2.  Miami residents, employers, business owners, drivers, pet owners and medical staff members have to remain assertive and stay aware of their surroundings to avoid a personal injury suit.  A wide variety of incidents and situations can initiate an injured person calling a Miami personal injury attorney. Call the Law Office of Saban & Solomon.
  3. 3.  If the courts find a person or organization guilty of causing a personal injury, the guilty party is subject to paying at least several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of compensatory damages.  If the attorney proves that the defendant acted in an especially neglectful manner, that person or entity may have to contribute several more hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitive damages.
  4. 4.  Due to the financial burden and destruction that a personal injury causes, a person in any of the above classes has to try his or her best to avoid accidents.  The following are the top five ways to avoid causing an accident:
  5. 5.  1. Drivers: Stay Alert and Attentive  Drivers can avoid a court session with a personal injury lawyer in Miami by staying alert on the road at all times. One step a driver can take to avoid an injury to someone else is getting the adequate amount of sleep before driving. Before taking long trips, a driver should obtain at least eight hours of sleep. Additionally, the person stop after two to three hours of continuous driving.
  6. 6.  Drivers should remove all distractions from their presence when behind the wheel. A cell phone should be turned off so that the temptation to check it will disappear.  A driver should also complete all makeup applications and vanity stares in the mirror at home before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  7. 7.  The driver should keep conversations with other drivers to a minimum. One should also never turn his or her head to the rear of the vehicle or the side of the vehicle to engage in a conversation. The eyes must be on the road at all times.  Drivers should avoid operating a vehicle under the influence of any illegal substance, alcohol, or medication that can slow judgment and reaction time. A large majority of accidents occur because of such substances.
  8. 8.  2. Medical Practitioners: Always Follow the Code  People in the medical field must work extra hard to avoid a Miami personal injury attorney. They must always make decisions that are safe and beneficial to the patients. An example of a situation in which a facility could be held liable for an injury is one in which a patient is misdiagnosed.
  9. 9.  For example, a doctor could diagnose a young child with asthma and fail to prescribe antibiotics. If the facility failed to take or read chest x rays, parents or family members can sue in the case of death or long-term illness.  To avoid such situations, a person in the medical field must always stick to the oath to which he or she swore.
  10. 10.  3. Homeowners: Inspect Homes Before Having Company  Homeowners can avoid personal injury lawyer in Miami if they would always perform a quick inspection of their homes before having guests or deliveries. In the wintertime, homeowners can take extra steps to remove ice and other slippery substances from the outside of the home. Before anyone enters the home, the person could check for toys and other objects that may cause a person to fall.
  11. 11.  4. Pet Owners: Train and Control Pets  A pet owner is responsible for the actions of his or her pet. Therefore, a pet owner can avoid seeing a Miami personal injury attorney if he or she would incorporate the proper pet training. Owners should train dogs to avoid violence and excitability.
  12. 12.  They should also make sure dogs are leashed at appropriate times to avoid an attack on an innocent bystander. A person who owns a dog may have to pay extensive monetary settlements to any person who receives a bite from the dog.  Furthermore, if the person catches a disease because of the dog bit, the courts may order a larger settlement.
  13. 13.  5. Employers: Perform Daily Safety Checks  Employers are also business establishments. Therefore, they are vulnerable to the possibility of customers and employees contacting a personal injury lawyer in Miami. To avoid a possible personal injury case, an employer should conduct daily safety checks to ensure that the premises is safe for employees and patrons.
  14. 14.  The safety checks could include searching for hanging wires, checking the alignment and height of stocked items, testing machinery for glitches and malfunctions, and otherwise scouting the area for items that could cause serious injury.
  15. 15.  Avoiding an Accident  Avoiding an accident requires complete concentration and a small amount of the imagination. A person should always think of scenarios that could happen and then take preventive measures to avoid such situations. Most personal injuries involve a lack of concentration or ignorance of a dangerous situation.  Read more about this Florida personal injury firm : 