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Timesheet by upland

  1. 1. Do the right work. Do the work right. cloud-based project, portfolio and work management software
  2. 2. Timesheet.com by Upland is among one of the leading cloud, time tracking solution. They offers powerful workflow-driven which make it easy to setup and use. This application helps in automating project time tracking, time and attendance for project costing, client billing and payroll. They provides simple and configurable job costing, billing and expense reporting. At the project level they help us to set budgets, limits, and notifications.
  3. 3. Experts at timesheet will help to setup the trial which will help to use the application. Software captures billable time, real time reporting, attendance collection and time off data, automate time off tracking enforcement and track reimbursable of project related expenses.
  4. 4. Mobile time and Expense Reporting A reliable, simple, expense and time reporting tool for the workforce on the move. Accessing timesheet and submitting expense report using smart phone is one of the easy task, one can ask for in today’s busy schedule. It is free to download on your smart phones. They quickly track records all the processes in the project and the output calculated is accurate and authentic.
  5. 5. Mobile Apps For Project Time Tracking & Expense Reporting Timesheet.com Mobile apps are all free and only require a user’s Timesheet.com credentials to sync with their account. Mobile Application can be easily downloaded in any Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.
  6. 6. Home Page View One-Stop Shop Quickly access timesheet and expense report and items that need to approve.
  7. 7. Expense Entry Wizard-Style Entry Screens Track expenses in wizard-style entry screens. Phone’s camera are used to take pictures of expenses to attach
  8. 8. Expense Report One can easily see the status of expense reports or if they want they can create a new expense report as needed.
  9. 9. Timesheet Entry Screen We can easily create new entries against projects or track leave time entries. Synchronized with the Web App The timesheet synchronizes with pre-configured templates to give same look as web app.
  10. 10. Contact@Timesheet Read more about timesheet billing software and the best online time and expense solutions here: Frost Tower 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 2950Austin, TX 78701-4424 Toll Free: 855-944-PLAN(7526) info@uplandsoftware.com