New personals website offers quirky and humorous categories


Published on has launched as a unique, global personals website that has quirky and humorous categories.

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New personals website offers quirky and humorous categories

  1. 1. New Personals Website Offers Quirky and Humorous Categories
  2. 2. Seoul, South Korea, January 14, 2014 Have you ever wished you could be Warren Buffett and put yourself up for a lunch auction?  has launched as a unique, global personals website that has quirky and humorous categories. The social categories go well beyond the typically predictable and restrictive categories that one expects from other personals sites.
  3. 3.  Category highlights include: Why Not, I‟m Not Warren Buffett, Beggar‟s Corner, and Let‟s Go. The Why Not category allows you to rent a friend, family or guest. Under the I‟m Not Warren Buffett category you can put yourself up for a lunch or dinner auction. “You can fulfill your fund-raising ideas by using the category „I‟m not Warren Buffett‟, ” said Danae V. Lambros, one of the site‟s creators. Beggar‟s Corner literally provides an online begging site for persons in desperate situations.
  4. 4. "If it seems like a lot of dating sites are the same, it‟s because many of them are," said Danae V. Lambros explaining the Let‟s Go category. She adds: “Using the Let‟s Go category, it can serve as a free dating site as well.
  5. 5. Even better, you don't need to struggle with first date ideas like how to approach someone, what to do, who pays, and where to go. Just select one of the preset categories such as 'let's go to a movie' and click the option you want: 'My treat', 'Hey, can you treat me?' or 'Dutch'. Is that casual and simple enough?”
  6. 6. You can hire for some eccentric jobs such as bodyguard, private eye, and hypnotist in the Gigs category. On the other hand, the Services/skills Exchange and Language Exchange categories fill a pragmatic need. There‟s even a category titled „It‟s a piece of cake‟. Danae V. Lambros added, “ It‟s a category for those seeking a wife or husband. Marriage after all should be a piece of cake!”
  7. 7.  is free of user fees, mandatory registration, and spamish circular emails. It is now up and running and is available in over 80 countries. To view and post ads, users can go to to get started today.
  8. 8. About the creators: The creators of this website are Danae V. Lambros and CC Park, a CanadianKorean couple. They were inspired to design a different type of socially stimulating website that draws a mosaic of people to connect in fun and unforeseen ways.
  9. 9. Media Contact: Name: Danae V. Lambros Phone: 82 10 9537 7226 Email: Website: Read more about this single website 