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Android tv mississauga


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Do you want a whole new home entertainment experience? Introducing the android TV in Mississisauga, the newest and smallest entertainment buddy that will fit into your design tastes and technology craving!

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Android tv mississauga

  1. 1. Android tv mississauga
  2. 2. Do you want a whole new homeentertainment experience? Introducingthe android TV in Mississisauga, thenewest and smallest entertainmentbuddy that will fit into your design tastesand technology craving!
  3. 3. Slim is in with regards to the newestinnovation of gadgets in our technologytoday. While most consumers may cometo a conclusion that getting all theimportant things you need into one smallpackage is impossible, then think again.
  4. 4. The android TV in Mississauga isequipped with the highest qualityspecifications like the ARM Cortex A9processor, the XIOS DS Media Play andthe OpenGL Mali-400 3D graphicprocessor – features that provide youwith the 3D gaming experience you havealways dreamed of along with the crystalclear imaging characteristics.
  5. 5. The android TV in Mississisaugautilizes the powerful Android OS platformin incorporating media player featuresand internet applications into one withoutgetting a variety of devices for eachpurpose.It allows you to access a library ofvideos, sound files and applications suchas games, social network and web appsfrom the comfort of your own home.
  6. 6. It has several pre-installed apps that areready for use such as Youtube, AdobeAir, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash,Facebook, IMDB, Go SMS Pro, Ustream,MX Video Player and more.It can support a variety of file types,audio codecs, connections and languages– one of the best features needed byevery gadget techie.
  7. 7. The android TV in Mississisaugamakes use of the newest and most up-to-date web browsers. What’s more, theandroid TV in Mississauga is able tosupport a wider range of otherperipherals which includes card readers,web cameras, digital cameras, PivosSense wireless motion remote and more.
  8. 8. The android TV in Mississauga offers acomplete package for your media andgaming needs without having to spend alot of cash for several unit upgrades ornew purchases.
  9. 9. It makes use of the Android 4.0 or theIce Cream Sandwich that empowers eachunit to work accordingly to consumerneeds. It is the perfect gadget you willever dream of and brag about to yourfriends. Get yours today!More info here: