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Soccer coach speech by Alexander Moreau


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Soccer coach speech by Alexander Moreau

  1. 1. Youth Soccer Coach Alex moreau
  2. 2. The BeginningPlayed for twelve yearsThe RainbowPracticing with brothersteamExplanation of Project
  3. 3. MyProjectFacilitatorMr. Sinco’sQualificationsMeeting times
  4. 4. The PreSeasonBecause of agecoaching abilitieswere limited
  5. 5. First dayAssessing the teamMeeting/dealing with parents
  6. 6. DrillsSquare passing drillSuicide sprinting drillTwo against three give and goes
  7. 7. CorrectionsWeak and inaccurateshotsSloppy touches on the Shooting drillsball Dribbling drills
  8. 8. Problems Through the SeasonDispute between two parentsInjuriesBen’s EyeBullying
  9. 9. The End of the Season What I have learnedCommunication skillsPreference in coachingWhy I enjoy coaching