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Alex Moreau's letter to judges


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Alex Moreau's letter to judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA30115April 18th, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekviewHigh School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA30115Dear Judges:My name is Alex Moreau I have played soccer for the past twelve years and havecoached the sport now for three years. Because I am 18 this means that I have played thisgreat sport for over two thirds of my life. I am also an avid player of chess and I enjoyreading fictional novels. Next year I will be attending Georgia Southern and workingtowards an engineering degree. From my earliest childhood memories all the way to mysenior year I have continued with and enjoyed playing soccer. In the past my coachingwas limited to that of a minor coach, but I am slowly progressing to independentlycoaching my own team and I greatly desire to continue coaching throughout college.To demonstrate what I learned from my senior project I have prepared a video. Thisvideo shows the first and last games that my team played, and through the video I willtalk and point out their mistakes as well as their improvements. After many hours ofresearch I learned that while having talent on the team is helpful, the drive that a playerhas for the game is critical. By staying enthusiastic and always encouraging my playersthey always wanted to work hard and succeed.One of the issues that I experiencedrevolved around technical soccer skills and finding the right drills to teach the playerswhat to do and how to improve in their problem areas.Another problem that Iexperienced was communicating with the parents when a time changed. To overcome thisI kept a listing of all their home numbers, and both parents cell phones.My desired career is some sort of soccer coach so practicing this at an early age has givenme a good idea if I would like to pursue this topic. After researching soccer coaches itbecame very evident that a good salary will be a rare thing to find in this field. Moreimportantly if you enjoy this line of work, which I do, then this will be a great careerchoice. An important aspect of a coach is to have great enthusiasm towards the game.With an intensity to improve your team being a soccer coach will come as a natural thing.I was very happy to have the opportunity to coach my team. I probably would have doneso whether I was required too by my senior project or not. Through this project I learnedthat I will continue to coach and help younger players to improve in the game. I improvedmy people skills and communication skills and learned that everyone has the ability tolearn. Coaching this past year has improved my drive for the game and some of mycommunication skills, and I am now more confident than ever that I will continue incoaching soccer.
  2. 2. Sincerely,Your signatureAlexander Moreau