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How To Adding a textbox in power point


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PowerPoint theme tutorial.

This tutorial explains to you to Solve resizing issues in PowerPoint Point themes for best productivity and presentation.

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How To Adding a textbox in power point

  1. 1. PowerPoint theme tutorial.This tutorial explains to you to Solve resizing issues in PowerPoint Pointthemes for best productivity and presentation.
  2. 2. Adding A Textbox In PowerPointWhen adding text to their PowerPoint presentations, many people limitthemselves to using only the placeholder boxes that are present by defaultwhen you add a new slide. For example, when you add a title and contentslide, there is always a title placeholder in which you will see the words"Click to add title" and a content placeholder that displays the words "Clickto add text". Its then a simple case of clicking into each of those boxes andthen typing your content.However, another way of adding text that gives you more flexibility overpositioning is to add a textbox. Click Insert > Text > Text Box, and the cursorwill change to this shape:
  3. 3. Left click with the mouse and drag out the textbox. Once the text box hasbeen drawn, you can start typing in it. When you drag out your initial textbox, it retains its width, but the height contracts temporarily to be theheight of one line of text. When you typr multiple lines, the height willadjust to fit, but the width of the textbox will remain fixed.This is what the textbox looks like:You can see resizing handles at each corner and also halfway alongeach edge. You can resize the textbox by clicking and dragging on anyof those handles.
  4. 4. Moving A Textbox In PowerPointMoving a textbox around in PowerPoint is as easy as drag and drop. If youare not careful, though, you will end up draging the resizing handles. Thefirst thing you have to do is select the textbox as a whole. To do thisposition the cursor over one edge of the textbox until you see a doubleheaded cursor.When you see the cursor change shape, click on the box. When thetextbox is selected, the dashed bounding lines become solid lines, asshown below.Now you can move the textbox around either by clicking and dragging with the mouse, or bypressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.
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