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Suffragette spirit project - Sara Rydkvist, Amnesty UK

A presentation from ECF Europe 2019:

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Suffragette spirit project - Sara Rydkvist, Amnesty UK

  1. 1. Sara Rydkvist, Campaign Manger, Amnesty International UK SUFFRAGETTE SPIRIT PROJECT
  2. 2. What we hoped to achieve 1st • To raise awareness of the crucial work of Women Human Rights Defenders to protect and further human rights • To celebrate WHRDs in the UK & make issue relevant to UK audience • Increase use of term Human Rights Defender • Increased engagement in support of Brave Campaign & Women Human Rights Defenders 2nd • Connect Women’s rights activists in the UK
  3. 3. Making issue relevant to UK audience • Identifying a media hook • 2018 - 100 year since women won the right to vote in the UK
  4. 4. Content & artist endorsement • Call for nomination video with Juliet Stevenson • Opinion pieces by Emma Thompson & Gillian Anderson
  5. 5. BRAVE Meet the nominees
  6. 6. Celebrating local women’s rights activists • Celebrating local activists • Introducing Brave messaging and calls
  7. 7. What the project achieved • 300 pieces of press coverage • National Press – Maria Claire, Stylist, Metro • Over 700 UK WHRD’s nominated • Increased awareness of Brave Campaign / WHRD’s • Brave campaigns calls in local & regional media • Women’s rights activists across the UK connected