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Intimate Activism: how to be critical friends rather than aggressive enemies - Sarah Corbett, Craftivist Collective

Learn through successful case studies from the global Craftivist Collective of how activism (using craft) can help to change hearts, minds, business policies and laws in quiet, small and encouraging ways. Implementing neuroscience, positive psychology and the power of our five senses; learn how activism can create intimate spaces for understanding, intimate connections and intimate conversations that lead to long term real change. Intrigued? No craft skills needed, just an open mind and an open heart.

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Intimate Activism: how to be critical friends rather than aggressive enemies - Sarah Corbett, Craftivist Collective

  1. 1. Who the *** am I?! @craftivists
  2. 2. Events & ‘Stitch-ins’ @craftivists
  3. 3. Collaborations and Partnerships @craftivists
  4. 4. Craftivism kits and tools @craftivists
  5. 5. Reaching people @craftivists
  6. 6. Craftivism TOOL in the toolkit @craftivists
  7. 7. 1. Power in the process @craftivists
  8. 8. 2. Inner Activism @craftivists
  9. 9. @craftivists3. Intimate Activism
  10. 10. 4. Social Proof @craftivists
  11. 11. 5. Intriguing Activism @craftivists
  12. 12. The power is in… Gentle Protest @craftivists
  13. 13. …More info in my book ;p x @craftivists
  14. 14. Questions to ask @craftivists Questions to answer: Is the message challenging injustices/unfair structures? Is the crafting an activity that can be a tool for critical thinking? Is it creating a relationship/connection with power-holders? Does it engage you deeply in a social injustice issue? Is it something you can share on and/or offline with people to provoke thought? Is it something people can join in with / is it accessible? Is this craftivism (craft + activism) ? 
 What are the strengths & weaknesses? Remember: Activism = the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change Craft = an activity involving skill in making things by hand
  15. 15. Mini Protest Banners @craftivists “Fly solidarity’s flag for those suffering as a result of the world’s injustices. Craft your own banner, turn heads and influence change. Make a cross-stitched protest banner about an issue you care about and hang it in a relevant public space to provoke thought and discussion online and offline. Use the process to think deeply and critically about how to be part of the change you want to see. By making your banner small and hanging it off eye level, people have a sense that they have chosen to engage with the message with an open heart and open mind, rather than it being forced upon them.
  16. 16. Yarnbombing @craftivists
  17. 17. ”Send us your sock monkeys & we’ll find them good homes. Monkey delegates are sent to live in communities in distress to help bring smiles to folks who need them.” Sock Monkey Project @craftivists
  18. 18. From 2003-2008, a diverse group of international knit and crochet hobbyists participated in a microRevolt project called the Nike Blanket Petition, a 15-foot wide handmade blanket of the Nike swoosh. Each 4 x 4 inch stitched square creates the Nike logo, acting as a signature for fair labor policies for Nike garment workers. Over the five-year period, virtual and hand-made squares were collected on tour, electronically and by post mail, representing over 30 countries demonstrated above. Exhibited at Garanti Gallery in Instanbul in Nov 2007 next to a Nike store. Currently touring. Blanket petition @craftivists
  19. 19. Community Craftivism Project - #EndGunViolence WHAT A SUCCESS! You astounded me friends! The results of our #EndGunViolence craftivism project were unbelievable! • 200 pieces of fiber art submitted from 10 countries and 40 states • The opening reception of the gallery show was INSANE with hundreds of people in attendance • A $2,000 faculty grant from Columbia College to fund the show • We raised OVER $5,000 to support Project F.I.R.E. • Our free community embroidery workshop + discussion was at capacity (and provided some much needed post-election processing) • The Project FIRE youth sold EVERY SINGLE PIECE of their glass art AND learned how to embroider I can't applaud you any harder. I love you. ABOUT PROJECT FIRE Project F.I.R.E. (Fearless Initiative for Recovery and Empowerment) is an artist development employment program that offers healing through glass blowing to youth injured by gun violence in Chicago. Project F.I.R.E. combines glass arts education, mentoring and trauma psychoeducation in order to support trauma recovery and create employment opportunities for young people who have been shot or witnessed the homicide of a loved one. End Gun Violence @craftivists
  20. 20. The Pussyhat Project website says: “is a social movement focused on raising awareness about women's issues and advancing human rights.” Wikipedia says; The Pussyhat Project aimed to turn the march into a 'sea of pink', creating a striking visual statement of solidarity for women's rights in protest against the incoming Trump administration. An estimated 4 million people took part in sister marches in over 600 cities around the world on the same day. Pussyhat Project™ Pussyhat Project™ @craftivists