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Digital strategy models for campaigning and fundraising - more onion at ECF Europe 2018


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(c) Florian Engel, more onion -

What makes a good strategic framework for your digital campaigning and fundraising? How do you create a model that properly tracks and measures your supporter journeys?

Presented at ECF Europe 2018. Join the Campaigning Forum and find out more about its upcoming events here:

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Digital strategy models for campaigning and fundraising - more onion at ECF Europe 2018

  1. 1. HELLO
  2. 2. FLORIAN ENGEL MD, Strategy Lead & Product twitter: @moreonion email:
  3. 3. STRATEGY 5min about digital
  4. 4. WHAT’S A MODEL? Strategic framework for digital campaigning and fundraising
  5. 5. WHAT’S A GOOD MODEL? Clear framework for projects Ability to measure Connected to wider goals Supporter centred planning
  6. 6. Like a map to navigate our day to day work
  7. 7. But it needs to be customised for your organisation
  8. 8. SUPPORTER JOURNEY Stages of a
  9. 9. ACTIVATION People become “active”, they may “opt-in” to further comms ATTENTION People see or hear about it (for example a “page view”) ENGAGEMENT Supporters are more connected to the organisation, the cause and stay engaged beyond the first “activation”
  10. 10. UPGRADE The supporter makes a regular donation or makes repeated gifts to the cause REVENUE The supporter is also supporting the cause financially RETENTION Supporters are retained over a long period of time, keep giving and keep taking action
  11. 11. Time Value The model as supporter journey
 and how value increases
  12. 12. Time Value The model as supporter journey
 and how if often goes
  13. 13. Projects are clustered on the map for overview. Where do we need to improve? Where do we outsource?
  14. 14. The model establishes central metrics to make all projects measurable
  15. 15. You can track target audiences with the model
 Are you doing particularly well with specific audiences?
  16. 16. OWNED EARNED PAID Owned: you have full control (website) Earned: others give it to you (sharing, PR) Paid: you pay for it (advertising, PPC)
  17. 17. Measure performance of recruitment channels
  18. 18. What’s he primary channel for each of the stages? What are secondary channels? What can you do to eventually get everyone on the primary channel? What can be done to get supporters from one stage to the next?
  19. 19. Where is the biggest potential for improvement for you right now?
  20. 20. WHAT I’D LIKE TO HEAR What do your models look like? Do you think it makes sense? Let’s rework & refine it
  21. 21. Thank YOU!