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Creating a testing programme - Friends of the Earth UK at ECF Europe 2018


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(c) Ilesh Persand and Joana Esgalhado, Friends of the Earth UK -
Small changes to your digital communications can have a big impact - constantly testing, comparing and improving is vital. But how do you decide what to test, interpret and keep track of the results and make sure you're consistently learning and implementing improvements? Joana and Ilesh will talk through the testing programme at Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, sharing some results, and help you work through the tools, resources and approaches you need to implement a testing programme that will have real impact on the performance of your digital comms.

Presented at ECF Europe 2018. Join the Campaigning Forum and find out more about its upcoming events here:

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Creating a testing programme - Friends of the Earth UK at ECF Europe 2018

  1. 1. Test and Learn: Creating a Testing Programme
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Identifying KPIs • Making informed assumptions • Creating a testing roadmap • Tools and examples • Reporting results • Discussion & workshop
  3. 3. Identifying KPIs Donations Conversion Consent
  4. 4. Making Informed Assumptions Google Analytics Hotjar or Crazy Egg Conversion and performance Informed assumptions
  5. 5. Creating a Testing Roadmap • As simple as an Excel s/s • Take the KPIs you want to influence and rank them on impact and feasibility • You can't do everything at once • Generate ideas on what you can do differently (look at other companies are doing, see if they'd work for you) • Great for stakeholders to see what is planned and priorities
  6. 6. Tools and examples Mock Up • Paper prototypes: get ideas across quick and easily • Example 1 • Example 2 Testing • Google Optimize • VWO
  7. 7. Reporting results Document hypotheses & results Share and get stakeholders invested