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Campaigning, fundraising, value exchange and Facebook ads - recruiting new members at Liberty - Andrew Taylor-Dawson

Presentation from ECF Europe 2019

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Campaigning, fundraising, value exchange and Facebook ads - recruiting new members at Liberty - Andrew Taylor-Dawson

  1. 1. CAMPAIGNING, FUNDRAISING AND VALUE EXCHANGE AT LIBERTY Andrew Taylor-Dawson: Development Manager
  2. 2. Liberty challenges injustice, defends freedom and campaigns to make sure everyone in the UK is treated fairly. WHAT WE DO:
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES • Introduce Liberty’s new brand and positioning • Celebrate Liberty’s history and role in UK human rights campaigning since 1934 • Educate the public about their rights and promote the role of the Human Rights Act • Create a pool of leads to convert to be Liberty members THE CHALLENGE Create a user journey to celebrate the Human Rights Act and promote Liberty’s new brand. A CELEBRATORY CAMPAIGN TO ENGAGE MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC WITH LIBERTY, OUR HISTORY AND THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.
  4. 4. THE APPROACH • A sign up page to order ‘I Know My Rights’ – guide to the Human Rights Act • Targeted Facebook adverts to build a pool of leads for conversion • A 6 email series sent over 3 weeks introducing Liberty’s campaigns and giving regular opportunities for engagement • Direct debit forms embedded after every campaign action • Emails building up to direct membership ask A THREE WEEK USER JOURNEY TO INTRODUCE LIBERTY AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES TO CAMPAIGN AND DONATE.
  5. 5. • Lookalikes (based on custom audience of current members) • Human Rights • Amnesty International No retargeting – not using Pixel FACEBOOK AD STRATEGY - AUDIENCES LOOKALIKES AUDIENCE PERFORMED THE BEST LOWEST CPC LOWEST CPL LOWEST CPA
  6. 6. • 20 different ads • 5 images • 4 versions of the copy • Tried all combinations FACEBOOK AD STRATEGY - TESTING LOOKALIKES AUDIENCE PERFORMED THE BEST. LOWEST CPC LOWEST CPL LOWEST CPA.
  7. 7. FACEBOOK AD RESULTS £0.48 per click 13,076 clicks 11890 reactions 4049 shares 799 comments THE NUMBER OF REACTIONS, SHARES AND COMMENTS HELPED KEEP THE RELEVANCE SCORE AT 8 OR ABOVE.
  8. 8. THE JOURNEY ‘I Know My Rights’ guide sign-up + thank you page DD form Thank you and share ask Survey + thank you page DD form Campaign action + thank you page form Direct Debit membership ask Second campaign action – email your local paper Second membership ask
  9. 9. PRINCIPLES • Asking new prospects to do something first (order guide) before asking for money • Incorporating donation asks naturally throughout the journey • Build on learning from previous Facebook advertising, and see this as an opportunity to learn more about content, audiences and placements
  10. 10. CAMPAIGN RESULTS • 3969 leads recruited • 78 Direct debit members recruited on thank you page • 20 members recruited during journey • Response rate: 2.47% • 220 members recruited including email list conversion and social media promotion • 93 members recruited from second roll-out • 65 members recruited from third roll-out CPA including production and fulfilment of guides: £116.42. 98 Direct debit members recruited.
  11. 11. • Multiple low-bar engagement opportunities drive conversion • Include ‘soft’ membership/donation prompts in each email • Tell a story through your journey • Embed regular giving donation forms after every non-financial action • Keep testing and modifying your journey while live KEY TAKE OUTS WHAT STORY DOES YOUR JOURNEY TELL?