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Guillermo Mordillo, cartoonist


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Mordillo, a name wich is now a trademark, a promise of good spirits abd a guarantee of quality. But the brilliant career of Argentinean Guillermo Mordillo, who was born in 1932 in Buenos Aires from Spanish immigrants, is the result not just of creative flair and luck but also of willpower and perseverance. It is the result of contant daily commitment and not merely of improvised bizarre ideas.

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Guillermo Mordillo, cartoonist

  1. 2. Mordillo's drawings exalt the real "Joie De Vivre" of the humorist, warming your heart, awakening the spirit and lightening the way to self knowledge, serious but at the same time serene. Friedrich W. Heye
  2. 3. Mordillo shows the stressed reader of our crazy life, a world not all perfect but still comical, but there are bouts of tranquil heroism, even romanticism. Manfred Schmidt
  3. 4. Mordillo's drawings transmit a philosophy of life in wich a man with a big nose and round tummy tries to escape menacing destruction through humor and cunning. Stern Magazine
  4. 5. The Artist Mordillo, a name wich is now a trademark, a promise of good spirits and a guarantee of quality. But the brilliant career of Argentinean Guillermo Mordillo, who was born in 1932 in Buenos Aires from Spanish immigrants, is the result not just of creative flair and luck but also of willpower and perseverance. It is the result of contant daily commitment and not merely of improvised bizarre ideas.Guillermo was still a boy when he began earning a living from derawing and that typically adolescent enthusiasm with which he approaches his work, the work of a lifetime, has never quite disappeared. This enthousiasm also involves a constant desire to change, to try his hand at new possibilities and to create a new personal image. It's also why even today, after a fifty year long career, Mordillo still keeps changing the houses he lives in, the countries he travels to and the languages in which he expresses himself (but his drawings remain perceptually and decidedly silent, understandable all over in the same manner and entrusted only to the universal language ofimages). Over the years Modillo has lived and worked in Argentina, Peru, United States, France and Spain. He has illustrated fairytale books for children, designed advertising campaigns, created cartoons, designed greeting cards and sketched humorous pictures.
  5. 6. Already in the early '70s, he started to gain a name for himself throughout the world as the creator of chubby men and round woman, the only black and white elements in a very colourfull environment that is stricktly withoutout words. From the outset his humour has always been marked by contrasts and opposites, austere black and white stands out against brilliant colours and a remarkable emptiness is juxtapposed against incredibly crowded places. The most light-hearted laughing fits contrast with agonised pnderings on the great questions of life. Probably one of the main reasons behind the immense international succes that Mordillo's work attracts lies in this, and is true for both children and adults: his wonderful cartoons are always open to being read on two levels, the make you laugh and think.And it's true that the very nature of wordless cartoons enables him to instantly touch only the essential. Wether in Germany or in Japan, Mordillo's visual creations are understood and appreciated just as they are in Italy and South America. His natural or artificial spaces have no special geographical or national features: they could be anywhere.
  6. 7. People readily recognioze themselves in Mordillo's overexited little men and scheming little woman: their problems large and small are the same as those experienced by Adam and Eve, by humanity at large and probably by future generations too. We could consider the eternal antagonism between the sexes, developed without interrupting magnetic attractions and unavoideble escapes; the ambivilant attitude towards machines, our useful friends and inscrutable adversaries; the obeservation of the animal world, a constant source of endless lessons and wonder; the fear of the world, when it's as chaotic as a jungle or aopressive as a labyrinth with no exit; or even the longed-for relaxation offerd by sport, which ultimately finds meaning only in itself as an entertaining and deserved escape from reality. A special quality typical of Mordillo is his love of sports. He follows them all with great attention and sooner or later depicts them all, though he shows an undeniable preference for two of them: football, practiced by him with great joy as a boy, and goilf, cultivated with the same satisfaction as an adult. In both fields, he is second to none in finding a reason for a smile from the inside. It is obvious that he is used to personelly experiencing them and we can also understand why his cartoons are favourite with sportsmen.
  7. 8. Sports-lovers instantly recognize that this humorist is one of them and certainly not a moralist who judges them from the outside. Everyone unfailingly recognizes in Mordillo a kindred spirit, lost like us in the complex labyrinths of life. fatally attrackted by the twists and turns of love and sex, yearning for little moments and places of rewarding relaxation i the midst of daily chaos. yes, Guillermo is one of us, and this is why we understand him and love him.This is why his world, which ius apparently so absurd, is also ours. And we are grateful to him, because he never fails to remind us how collourful and happy this world of ours is, in spite of everything. To give the world a touch of colour seems to be his first and foremost mission. This is also borne out by a famous cartoon he designed for Amnesty International a few years ago: in an all grey city, a little man who dared to paint his house imaginatively is immediatly arrested and locked up in jail. Hence trhe artist's belief in the freedom of colour, thought, expression, imagination and creativity. This is at the heart of Mordillo's world. Ferrucio Giromini
  8. 9. C.V. Mordillo 1932 born August 4, 1932, in Villa Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires , Argentina 1948 Illustrator Certificate at the High School of Journalism; Pofessor's Assistant 1950 Animator at the film studios "Burone Bruche"Illustrations of four stories for Editorial Codex for children 1952 Co-founder of Estudias Galas; AnimationsIllustrations and strips for local
  9. 10. C.V. Mordillo 1955 On 7th november, departure for Lima, Peru.Freelance designer at Mcann Erickson (Advertising)Illustration of two fairy-tales 1959 Illustration of greetings-cards for Hallmark-Cards, Kansas City USA 1960 Departure for the USA.Employee of Paramount Pictures New York. Takes part in the realisation of the films Popeye and Little Lulu.Creation of the two characters for the short film Trick for Tree. 1961 Designer at OZ Greeting Cards New York
  10. 11. C.V. Mordillo 1963 On 20th of august, departure for Europe. Arrival in Paris in 19th September.Creation of humourous Cards for Edition Mic-Max, Paris 1966 The first cartoon appears in Le Pelerain Magazine july 1966.Publications in Paris Match, Paris. 1968 Start of reproduction of the cartoons in the Magazine Stern, Hamburg, Germany,and other welkl-known international supports 1969 Wedding with Amparo Camarasa. 1970 Birth of son Sebastien Jerome.
  11. 12. C.V. Mordillo 1971 Start of Co-Operation with Marcello Ravoni 1972 Birth of Daughter Cecile Isabelle 1977 Appointed best Cartoonist of the year at The salon International de L'Humour, Montreal Canada.President of Jury at The salon International de L'Humour, Montreal Canada. 1980 Move from Paris to Mallorca Spain.Appointed President of the International Association of Authers of Comics and Cartoons (A.I.A.C.) in Geneva, Switzerland.
  12. 13. C.V. Mordillo 1992 A ranking in Witty World, International Cartoon Magazine USA,of The Best Cartoonists of the World shows Mordillo in the third place of 245 cartoonists of 46 countries 1997 Appointed Profesor Honorifico Del Humor of the Universidad Alcala de Henares,Spain, on 6th november, 1997 1998 Move from Mallorca to south of France 1999 Invited to and taking part as an active member in the Creative Seminary (Symposium), Zermatt, Switserland.
  13. 14. C.V. Mordillo 2002 Member of the jury of Cartoons on the Bay 2002, Positano, Italy.Appointed to the academic degree Catedratico Honorifico Del Humorby the University Alcala de Heneras, Spain, 17 october, 2002 2003 Felix, the first grandchild is born in Paris
  14. 15. C.V. Mordillo 2004 Homage to Mordillo, Carnavale Spectacolo in Ghemme, Piemont, Italy. 2007 Mordillo stops drawing cartoons in colour inks and starts working in mixed technique: aceyllic, pastel and colour pencils 2008 Realisation with Art Petrus of a series of cartoon reproduction in high definition.Mordillo collection numbered and signed to be sold through internet. Victoria, second Grandchild is born in Paris.
  15. 16. Working Method My working method is very slow. I constantly write down my ideas in a note book ( I am now working on my fourth one). later on I choose the idea I feel like doing; the I make a brief pencil sketch looking for the best graphic solution.I proceed then to the normal step-by-step drawing of the cartoon on the final paper format A4 size. At the beginning of my career, I worked on Canson Tracing paper to construct the drawing, the final cartoon was done on Felix-Schoeller-Parole paper. The tracing was made with chinese ink, the colouring in ecoline ink. Recently, I changed to acrylic technique on Arche paper, format A3, colour pencils and pastels.
  16. 17. New York 1961
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  19. 20. Agent Anne Marie Lansdaal
  20. 21. Publisher Friedrich W. Heye
  21. 22. Hugo Pratt Lucca, november 1980
  22. 23. Animation Films Director Manfred Schmidt
  23. 24. Quipos, Coleta and Marcelo Ravoni
  24. 25. Filmography 1974 Mordillissimo ORTF, ParisAnimation films for French TV 1975 Production of a serie sof 18 animated spots by Pilion Film, Frankfurt, Germany 1975 German animations for the broadcasting of the children's magazine "Sesamstrasse” 1976 Screen adaption of the book "Le Galion” (10 minutes) by MS-Films, Wiesbaden, Germany
  25. 26. Filmography 1976 - 1978 Production of a series of 164 animated spots for German Television (ARD) ordered by Westdeutsche Werbefernsehen GmbH, Koln, created and produced by Manfred Schmidt Production GmbH, Ambach, Germany, worldwidedistribution. 1981 Production of a series of 35 animated spots by the Manfred Schmidt Production GmbH, Ambach, Germany for a lottery on German Television "Ein platz an der Sonne" ARD (charity purpose)
  26. 27. Filmography 1985 "Liebenswerte Monster" (Beloved Monsters), "The World of Guillermo Mordillo", production of a TV film of 30 minutes in 16 mm by Paolo Film, Ortenburg, Germany, ordered by the german TV Channel ZDF 1991 Publication of Mordillo animations by Manfred Schmidt in form of Video Cassettes. (Titles: " Mon Amour", "Olimpiadi", "Amori e Umori in Salsa Video" by Panarecord / RCS, Milano, Italy for distribution in Italy, and by Euro Video/Komplett Video, Munich, Germany for distribution in the German speaking market, (title: "Humor ohne Worte").
  27. 28. Filmography 1998 "Photo Play" Mordillo interactive games on touchscreens of playstations produced by Funworld Elektronic GmbH, Gmunden, Austria, Worldwidedistribution. 2005 "Sin Palabras", 4 Animation pilots, produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina:Animation: Juan Alberto GrisoliaDigital post Production: Ricardo Walter DesplatsCoordination: Ubaldo Edgar Galuppo
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  44. 45. Awards <ul><li>2004 </li></ul><ul><li>6th world Cartoon (comics) Congress, Peking, China. </li></ul><ul><li>Mordillo is invited and take part as a guest of Honour. </li></ul><ul><li>He is decorated by the Organising Commitee of </li></ul><ul><li>the 6th WCC with a Special Honour Award. </li></ul><ul><li>2008 </li></ul><ul><li>Award Argentores, Buenos Aires, Argentine. </li></ul>
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