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Marrying Content & Flirting With Brands


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A Project Focused Digital & Brand Strategy Workshop for Producers, Content Creators, All New Era Media Mad Men.

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Marrying Content & Flirting With Brands

  1. 1. Broken up into a 2 day intensive format, Marrying Day Two: Flirting With Brands Content & Flirting with Brands will serve to expand individual TV, film, web, mobile, ideas and 1000-1100: Dancing With The Devil. Branded template them for the marketplace leaving each Content with a “No Selling Out” promise. company in attendance with a transmedia presentation and brand strategy arsenal proven 1130-1230 Solidifying The Project’s Brand: in today’s marketplace. Lifestyle Partnerships, Niche Marketing. 
 Day One: Marrying Content 1230-1330 Lunch 
 Marrying Content & 1000-1100: How to give an idea legs, embracing technology into your creativity. 1330-1430 Brand Presentations, from one sheets to PPTs how to tantalize account directors Flirting with Brands 1130-1230: Case Studies, what the market looks and brand managers. 
A Project Focused Digital & Brand Strategy Workshop for Producers, Content Creators, All New Era Media Mad Men. like now and learning from the trials & errors of 1500-1730pm Mentor Sessions: 30 minutes of our predecessors. Series, film, transmedia, and one to one consultation is given to each company 16 th -17 th June London iPhone apps will be discussed. to bring all that has been taught to life. 21 st - 22 nd June Birmingham 28 th – 29 th June Cardiff 1 st – 2 nd July Manchester 1230-1330 Lunch 1730-1800: Day Wrap Up Q & A 5 th – 6 th July Bristol 12 th - 13 th July Dublin 15 th - 16 th July Glasgow 1330 – 1430: Stat GLEEks, Knowing the Each company will leave Marrying Content & 19 th - 20 th July Paris numbers, understanding the media value of new Flirting with Brands not only with this new era media terrain. mindset, but the tools to engage on this level Limited Availability * Registration Deadlines On Website with brands, financiers, the next day. 1500-1730pm: Mentor Sessions: Time to pull out the laptops and layer your projects, each “(Mordecai’s) insight, understanding and Supported by company will receive 30 minutes of one to one creativity took our project to the next level consultation and she has fully prepared us ready for the marketplace. Her unique skill base has in association with 1730-1800: Day Wrap Up Q & A added huge value to our project and she is wonderful to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough” Jenny Inchbald, Future Artists, Owner
  2. 2. “Mordecai has an amazing hold on the is co-producing and writing her teen drama Andee & Workshop Fee £150 per person per day (£600 per digital future of TV content.” Cooper with Endemol, and serving as Creative Director for project) to be paid at time of registration via cheque, Celebrity High. bank transfer, or paypal. Freelancer concession rate Pasa Mustafa, Global Head of Original Digital photo credit: Emli Bendixen at Hawley Arms, Camden £500 per project. Productions, Endemol Worldwide Brands Registration: Please send your registration as appropriate Writer, Producer, Creative Director, & pop culture via Post Each Company/Project is allowed two representatives for encyclopedia known for the workshop. wit, quirk, slapstick, and contact for address heart in original, Company: via E-mail innovative, mainstreamed packaging. Mordecai is a Website: modern mind with classic influences creating E-mail: If registering via email, please include all required programmes, platforms, information stated above, and confirmation of payment. Phone: destinations, and even a channel across the media For payment via PayPal: Project (optional): landscape that exists today to tell captivating stories, breakthrough stereotypes and unapologetically entertain. For Bank Transfers please contact: Attending Representative Most notably having worked and developed projects for details. across MTV Networks (MTV, VH1, The-N, Noggin, Title: Cancellations within 48 hours of event will not receive a Nickelodeon), Brad Grey TV, MySpaceTV, Fallon, Frengo refund. Cancellations made one week before will receive Mobile and MTV Overdrive. E-mail: 50% refund, 2 weeks a 75% refund, and 3 weeks full Mordecai is a go to for pop culture innovations, refund. Mobile: scripted addictions, multi-platform mindfucks, thinking outside the box yet staying in the lines, and - bottom line If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in Attending Representative: - making it work. She works consistently as a versatile touch. team leader supportive of both collective and individual Title: excellence on reality/ factual series, scripted programming, live television productions, and new media E-mail: Hope to see you there! in corporate atmospheres and DIY space. Frequently consulting & brainstorming on ways of digital anarchy in Mobile: this new media world. Currently based out of London, England, Mordecai