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Discussion Circle Procedure Sheet


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Discussion Circle Procedure Sheet

  1. 1. Discussion Circle Procedure Sheet1. Make sure you have all your materials with you: Book, notes, role sheet.2. Discussion Director should begin (if there is one in your group)3. Refer to the “When you meet” on your role sheet for ideas.4. Allow each student time to share some of their role with the group.5. Take turns commenting and contributing as a group on each role.6. When a student is finished sharing their role, move on to the next role.7. Make sure all students in the group have had the opportunity to share their role.8. If there is time remaining in class refer to the other discussion ideas below.Remember:  Listen carefully while others are speaking  Speak respectfully at all times  Take turns speaking  Ask questions and help others to understand  Remain on task and focused  Do not talk to other groups Other possible discussion topics: General opinion of the book so far. Do you like it? Why? What is your favorite character? Why? What do you think is the main theme of the book? What is your favorite part in the book so far? Is there any part that you didn’t understand? What do you think will happen next?