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Website Heal Thyself


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Does your organization’s web presence mirror your institution or does it reflect a series of separate entities cobbled together with no common navigation, usability or look and feel? Many of us struggle to reconcile the disparate web interests of the complex entities within our institutions. Come and discover how to reconcile them effectively, learn some best practices and hear from those who have managed it successfully, with or without outside help.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Website Heal Thyself

  1. 1. Website, Heal Thyself
  2. 2. With campuses in Gainesville andJacksonville, UF&Shands includes:· Six health colleges· Six research institutes· Two teaching hospitals· Two specialty hospitals· Large and small animal hospitals· 80 physician medical practicesand outpatient servicesPhoto courtesy of Flickr user perpetualplumAbout Us
  3. 3. Patient Symptoms &Diagnosis
  4. 4. Multiple PersonalityDisorderNo brand continuity• Lack of broader institutional branding, withinconsistent low-level unit branding (400+ logos)Patient Symptoms &Diagnosis
  5. 5. Disruptions to theNervous System• Mismash of operating systems, programminglanguages and styles of coding• Content management system (CMS) andtemplates not centrally managed• Lack of security and auditing for web authorsPatient Symptoms &Diagnosis
  6. 6. Vocal Cord Injuries• Trouble communicating with the public at large• Disjointed news and social presence• No goal-based content strategyPatient Symptoms &Diagnosis
  7. 7. Pituitary Disorders• Conversion from old website to new website:information brochure instead of app-driven sitePatient Symptoms &Diagnosis
  8. 8. • Enact multidisciplinary committees and governancestructure to create organizational buy-in• Create policies and procedures that reinforceconsistency, efficiency and an effective web presenceTreatment: Governance
  9. 9. Governance: Health CareTeamMULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACHWebManagerPrimaryCareWebContentOptimizerWebMultimediaExpertSupportandTrainingWebDesignerGrant-basedprojectsSenior WebDeveloperSenior WebDesignerWebContentEditor /CommunityManagerSenior WebDeveloperWebContentCoordinator/ ProgramAssistant
  10. 10. Consulting MedicalSpecialistsHSC News &CommunicationsShandsMarketing &PublicRelationsCollegeCommunications PersonnelMedicalBoardsCommittees ofFaculty andStaffSeniorExecutiveLeadershipUniversityRelationsGovernance: Health CareTeamMULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH
  11. 11. Governance: CommitteesMEDICAL BOARDS EXPANDEDExecutive WebSteeringWeb ToolsBranding, Design& NavigationTechnical &SecurityEnvironmentPolicies /ProceduresContent
  12. 12. • Centralize: Develop modern content strategy that links patient-carecontent through relationships, taking into account strong searchengine optimization techniques and accessible content• Decentralize: Remove barriers to updating content, empoweringwebsite editors to ‘own’ the content on their academic websites• Refocus function: Think of your core audiences.• Adjust Information Architecture (IA): Task, mission and role-basednavigationTreatment: ContentStrategy
  13. 13. SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Ignoring the statement‘content is king’ could lead to a useless website.Treatment: ContentStrategy
  14. 14. Centralizing Content for the PatientTreatment: ContentStrategy
  15. 15. Treatment: CMS• Features– Weighted attribute tables• Content Editing Experience– Insist on seeing the process editors have to go through to perform basic functions• Available expertise– Who’s going to manage this after it’s installed?• Costs– Initial licenses, server infrastructure– Long-term cost of ownership (changing logos, adding features, etc.)
  16. 16. Treatment
  17. 17. Therapy:Decentralizing Content for Academic UnitsSelf-Managed Care: Individual colleges, departments and other units are empowered to focus on their audiences and content,not having to worry about technical issues or programming.• WordPress Multisite install• Central support for migration and organizingcontent• Centralized training for content editors• Small number of plugins• Robust and custom theme with dozens of easy-to-useoptions and customizations• SEO and accessibility optimization baked-in• All other iterative improvements weighed on aninstitutional benefit and resources basis
  18. 18. Treatment: Look & Feel
  19. 19. Treatment: Look & FeelGLOBAL HEADER
  20. 20. Treatment: Look & FeelGLOBAL FOOTER
  21. 21. Treatment: Look & FeelOFFERING CHOICES
  22. 22. Treatment: Look & FeelOFFERING CHOICES
  23. 23. Outcomes: Academic430+ Websites Using Same Theme &Branding1.7 Million Pageviews/MonthAcademic WordPress Website Outcomes816 Website Administrators & Content Editors110,000+ pages of content
  24. 24. ResultsBounce Rate improved by 16%Search Engine referrals improved by 30%
  25. 25. 300% Increase in AppointmentRequests700% Increase in New PatientAdmissions30% Increase inTrafficOutcomes: Patient Launch Analytics70% of Patients fromGoogle
  26. 26. Outcomes: Patient CareSite Launch
  27. 27. Rehabilitation• Usability Testing• Information ArchitectureImprovements• Continuous incrementalimprovements by getting feedbackand feature requests from users• Adjustments based on measuredanalytical goals
  28. 28. New Therapies• Responsive Web Strategy for the WordPressMultisite template• Social Media Hub to identify and bringtogether all social media channels• Optimized Mobile Template