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TARLAC COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE        Institute of Education      Guidance and Counseling              BEEd IV-A
GUIDANCE                    SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE                                       ACTIVITIES/                          ...
PREPARED BY: Loreto C. Morales              Carolyn Grande              Jhonalyn Peralta              Diana Meneses       ...
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Our Guidance Program


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Published in: Education
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Our Guidance Program

  1. 1. TARLAC COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Institute of Education Guidance and Counseling BEEd IV-A
  2. 2. GUIDANCE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE ACTIVITIES/ TARGET DATE BUDGET PERSONS SERVICES METHODS/STRATEGIES MATERIALS INVOLVED NEEDED Students will be able to a. Evaluation of tests and interviews; Testing Services a. examine their abilities and b. Notification of applicants; inviting those accepted to a inclination set orientation program A. Achievement tests b. provide teachers and counselors c. Selection of tests -All year round as -Test Papers -All students B. Study Habits survey vital information on abilities and d. Administration of tests needed -Folders -Student Applicants C. Interest inventories need areas of students e. Scoring of tests -All students f. Interpreting test results -March to May g. Reporting test results a.To introduce students to the school/ A program of orientation activities duly prepared by an Information Services community and its life, to acquaint orientation committee, including -All faculty - them with available personnel and -May to June -Papers All Students A. Enrolment services, a. excursions to outlying places and institutions related -Folders -All auxiliary staff - Orientation b. to create and implant in them a sense to the school and its communal life, and even places -Booklets Guest speakers of belonging. where to buy educational supplies; -School connected b. talk by different staff, student leaders, and guests on personnel specific areas of life and services offered in the school, followed by open forums; c. presentation and discussion of rules, regulations, and practices adopted by the school; Student leaders;; a. To keep the community updated -Documents/Files Administration and all All year round, B. Consultation and wellinformed, to consult each a. Getting the studentry informed of latest developments -Papers/Board concerned personnel timetabled and when Information other on any minor and major and needs, schoolwise and even worldwide; chances come, e.g. -Pencil/Pen Forum issues facing the college and b. Run forums, group/class discussions on issues/ Papers/Notebook assemblies students problems arising; students’ concerns then be forwarded to people or offices concerned; Organize consultative meetings between and among faculty, staff, students, Referral Services a. Referrals to medical authorities, psychological, or -Heavily problematicA. Medical Students will be able to psychiatric services; or rehabilitation centers students b. Referrals to student pastors, priests, ministers, -CounselorsC.Community a. receive appropriate professional spiritual advisers All year round as needs -Chaplains and nearby help from specialists c. Referrals to community resources as needed arise pastors; b. get directions according to the -Papers/Envelope -Medical andD.Apprenticeship Recommendations for onthe-job training and nature and gravity of their cases summer job exposures rehabilitation officers c. make use of idle moments to enrich -Health Kit - Social Welfare d. Referrals of drug dependents to rehabilitationE.Rehabilitation their experiences Officers centers e. Referrals of crime suspects to community officials/ local police / justice officials Case studies confirming background of the above cases Counseling Services
  3. 3. PREPARED BY: Loreto C. Morales Carolyn Grande Jhonalyn Peralta Diana Meneses Arlyn Atanante Jamie Lee Corpuz