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Unit 4 poetry composition assignment #2 third trimester 2012 2013


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Guide for both groups: 9.1 & 10.1

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Unit 4 poetry composition assignment #2 third trimester 2012 2013

  1. 1. Unit 4: PoetryComposition Assignment #2: My Favorite Poet
  2. 2. Composition Guide1) What do you think makes a good poet? If you were to select a poet that you liked from English literature, who would you choose?2) What qualities does he or she seem to have that you admire? What is it about him or her that you like?
  3. 3. Composition Guide3) Of the poets poems that you have read,which would you consider your favorite? Why?4) Select a stanza from the poem and copy it.Describe how it makes you feel. How can yourelate to the poet through this poem? What doyou think he or she was trying to express?
  4. 4. Composition Guide5) If you had the opportunity to meet him orher, what would you say? What questions wouldyou ask?6) What would you like to know about his or herchildhood? Based on what you found out, whatevents from his or her childhood do you thinkmight have influenced his or her literary work?
  5. 5. Composition Guide7) Some poems have been made into novels andfilms. Could the poem you chose be the basis ofa story or movie? Explain. What details wouldyou emphasize? Which would you leave out? 8) Some poets may have lived exciting lives. Ifyou had the chance to live the life of this poet,would you? Which parts do you think were themost memorable? Why?
  6. 6. Composition ProcessConventions• Is the spelling correct, even on more difficult words?• Is the punctuation correct and does it guide the reader through the entire composition?• Is capitalization consistently correct?• Is grammar/usage correct and does it contribute to clarity and style?• Is the composition ready for publishing?
  7. 7. Composition ProcessSentence Fluency• Is the sentence structure strong? Does it enhance meaning while engaging and moving the reader from beginning to end in a fluid manner?• If there is dialogue, does it sound natural?• Are the beginning of the sentences varied? Do they add interest?• Are connectives used correctly? (Connectives are words like and, or, however, but, etc.)
  8. 8. Composition ProcessWord Choice• Are the words precise and accurate?• Does vocabulary catch the readers eye and linger in the mind?• Is the word choice natural yet original? Are both words and phrases unique and effective?• Do parts of speech convey the message well? Are verbs, nouns, modifiers used in such a way as to portray an accurate description?