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Michelle - Jerusalem Presentation

  1. 1. Jerusalem By: Michelle Chocorn
  2. 2. The Old City And It's Walls As a holy city for Jews, Christians and many other religious beliefs, Jerusalem has always had great symbolic importance. Only the old city contains about 220 historical sights, including the dome of Rock, Te Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  3. 3. Western Wall King Salomon built the western wall about four or five thousand years ago, and now many people pray there everyday. The western wall is in the old city of Jerusalem. When the Babylonian concord the city, the Jews were forced to practice Greek religion, and they were forbidden to study their torah. The Babylonian also destroyed the temple. Finally after 3 years the Jews won the war against the Babylonian, and were able to rehabilitate the temple.. In December 1947, after bloody incidents with the Arabs, Jews were no longer able to approach the Wall. After the capitulation of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in May 1948, Jews were prevented for 19 years from even looking at the Wall. In spite of a cease-fire, freedom of access to the holy places. The Wall was liberated on the third day of the Six Day War June 7, 1967 by Israel's parachutists breaking through the "bloody gate" which the mufti had opened.
  4. 4. Western Wall 2 Now the Western Wall is a tourist attraction and an extremely religious place for the Jews and other religion. Many Bar/ Bat mitzvahs are held there. Many people like to put notes in the cracks and believe that they get sent to heaven. There is also a section for men and a section for women. Israeli soldiers swear loyalty to their country at the western wall. Many non-Jewish people are eager to pay money to visit this magnificent historical sight.
  5. 5. The Church of The Holy Spulchre This church is over 1500 years old, and is shared by Catholics and the eastern orthodox. The land were the church is built is believed to be the place were Jesus was crucified.
  6. 6. Garden Tomb The Garden Tomb is considered by many to be the place were Jesus was buried. The Garden Tomb is outside Jerusalem's Old City Walls. It was first put forward as Jesus' tomb by George Gordon, but he has no education in historical study.
  7. 7. Yad Vashem (Jerusalem) is the world's most famous holocaust museum. It is Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. It was established in 1953. Yad Vashem is Located at the foot of Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is a large complex, containing a history museum, art galleries, memorial chambers, outdoor commemorative sites such as the Valley of the Destroyed Communities, archives, a synagogue, and an educational centre. Yad Vashem
  8. 8. Dome Of Rock The Dome of Rock was built in the 7 th century. It is recognized as the place were Abraham was going to sacrifice his son. The Dome Of Rock is decorated with beautiful floral motifs.
  9. 9. David's Tower David's Tower is located by Jaffa Gate. Some believe that the towers name isn’t appropriate for it because David didn’t have anything to do with the towers. The cylindrical tower was built during the 16th century and the square tower dates back to Herod. Now the towers are museums that help teach about ancient Jerusalem.
  10. 10. Hadassah Hospital Hadassah Hospital is one of the world’s primer hospitals. Besides being an internationally renowned medical facility and research institution, Hadassah Hospital is known for the spectacular stained glass windows of its synagogue. The 12 windows were created by Marc Chagall, and represent the sons of Jacob.
  11. 11. Mt. Herzl Mount Herzl is a park dedicated to the founder of Israel, Theodor Herzl. His tomb is located on the summit of the mountain. Many of Israel’s great leaders are buried in that same cemetery.
  12. 12. The End