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Jerusalem - Andrea E 5L


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Jerusalem - Andrea E 5L

  1. 1. Jerusalem By: Andrea Essenfeld
  2. 2. Jerusalem (the city of gold) Although Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the home of the Jew, there are many other religions. Here is a church in Israel.
  3. 3. The Western Wall The western wall was the remains of the second temple ever to be built. Most Jewish people in Israel come to the western wall to pray almost every week.
  4. 4. People In Jerusalem These are religious kids in Israel next to the Western Wall.
  5. 5. Tunnels Of The Western Wall Under the Western Wall, there are tunnels. This is one of them.
  6. 6. Praying In Jerusalem Here are some Jews praying next to the Western Wall. Did you know that each of those blocks weighed tons!
  7. 7. Ancient Jerusalem This is a picture of Jerusalem a very long time ago.
  8. 8. Modern Jerusalem This is a recent picture of Jerusalem.
  9. 9. Kids In Jerusalem These are kids in Jerusalem. They might look a bit different but they are just like you!
  10. 10. Jerusalem Rocks! Nothing could top that!