Andrea C.- Jerusalem Presentation


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Andrea C.- Jerusalem Presentation

  1. 2. The Western Wall is the only remaining part of the Holy Temple .It is the holiest place in the world for Jews. When visiting the Western Wall, some pray, some cry, and others leave notes in the cracks of the wall. Western Wall tunnel In Hebrew the Western Wall translates to Ha-Kotel Ha- Ma’aravi.
  2. 3. Jerusalem is also a very holy place for Muslims. They have two very beautiful mosques there. One is the Dome of the Rock, which is located on Temple Mount. It was built in the seventh century when the Islamic king Abd al-Malik conquered Jerusalem.
  3. 4. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a major tourist attraction in Israel. The Biblical Zoo is located in the new city of Jerusalem. The zoo has all of the animals in the Bible, including turtles, flamingos, and parrots. Since the zoo is strictly kosher, the flamingos are not fed shrimp. Instead, they drink pink water. This is in order to obtain the pink color of their feathers. This is Arava, a ten year old turtle with a disability in her hind legs. She has been put on a metal board with wheels, so she can now move around easily.
  4. 5. Yad Vashem is a Holocaust museum. The Historical Museum is the centerpiece of Yad Vashem. It document’s Jewish life in Europe before and throughout the Holocaust. In the background you see the Yad Vashem Hall of Names. In here the names of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust are being located. 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust. The small Children’s Memorial at Yad Vashem is dedicated to them.
  5. 6. The Tower of David is a museum that tells about the history of Jerusalem. The beautiful museum stands in the heart of Jerusalem, where the new city and the old city meet. The Tower of David Museum takes you back four thousand years showing you everything of the city’s history.
  6. 7. Mahane Yehuda is the largest shuk in Jerusalem. Because of this it is called The Shuk. It is filled with produce, meat, fish, and much more. The Shuk is so so large it takes up a whole small neighborhood located between Yaffo and Aggripas.
  7. 8. The Israel Museum was founded in 1965. The museum is filled with art, archaeology, and Judaica. The Dead Sea Scrolls are located in this exceptional museum. The open air Billy Rose Sculpture Garden was designed by the landscape architect Isamu Noguchi. It has sculptures by Picasso, Daumier, Rodin, and more. Sculptures of the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden Dead Sea Scrolls
  8. 9. The Arab market in Jerusalem is in the Arab Quarter of the old city. A lot of bargaining is done here. Here every street is named after what is sold there. Suq Aftimon is a delightful street to visit. It means street of spices. It is filled with every kind of spice imaginable and it smells great.
  9. 10. Mount Herzl is a cemetery in memory of Theodore Herzl. He predicted the founding of Israel and worked for it until his death in 1904. Theodore Herzl is buried there, along with his wife and parents. On Herzl’s grave his last name is written in Hebrew.
  10. 11. In the Mount of Olives you can find six churches and one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the world. In the twentieth century, it was this cemetery that religious Jews hoped to be buried in when they died. If you take the path to the right you will find the Tombs of the Prophets. It is believed to be where the prophets Haggai, Malachi, and Zechariah are buried. Jews have believed that the route to heaven is shortest from the Mount of Olives since G-d is always watching over Jerusalem.