Voc. la


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Voc. la

  1. 1. Vocabulary from Armstrong’s interviewA cover upBack datedBetrayBio passportBrazenlyCandidCliff’s notesCode name (Poe)CommitmentDefiantlydireFalloutFlawGet beatHindsightIn a rowJerseyMasseuseOpen fieldRecklessRelentlessRemorseRiggedRisk-averseRuthlessSchemeSmuggleTectonic shiftThe last strawTo banTo contestTo rebuff
  2. 2. To rootTo shunVialIdioms and Phrasal verbsIn a rowLevel playing fieldNo holds barredPaint a pictureTo be a wreckTo be clean (sport)To cross a lineTo dial upTo do drugsTo get beatTo get caught upTo give your wordTo lose oneselfTo lose your wayTo pay offTo rub in someone’s faceTo set the barTo shape upTo shatterTo slip (make a mistake)To split hairsTo take a tollTo rattle offTo put that one downThat’s a scoreTipping pointTo blow off
  3. 3. To be out of the woodsTo catch on like wildfireTo step downTo beat the odds