Marketing Operations: Applying Project Management Skills


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Webinar presented by Gary Katz for the Project Management Institute Marketing & Sales SIG on March 5, 2009

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Marketing Operations: Applying Project Management Skills

  1. 1. Marketing Operations: Apply Your PM Skills to a Hot New Career Path Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility
  2. 2. About Your Guide: Gary M. Katz © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved. • Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Marketing Operations Partners • First ready-to-go COO and change management team for the marketing department • Chairman of Marketing Operations Future Forum • 20+ years experience leading corporate marketing, • marcom, PR, IR, demand gen & change management • Certified Strategic Planning Process Facilitator (ICA) • Noted educator, author, speaker and leader in Marketing Operations field • MS in Organization Development, BA in Public Relations
  3. 3. • Quick Self-Assessment Exercise • What’s Possible? • The Enormity of the Challenge • What is Marketing Operations 2.0? • Six Top Marketing Challenges and How MO Tackles Them • Competencies and Skills Sorely Needed in Marketing Operations Today • BREAK • 10 Steps You Can Take to Fuel Marketing Excellence • MOving Organizations Forward • Why Become a MOtivator Seminar Agenda
  4. 4. Challenge: Converting Insight into Value Marketing Operations: Rising to the Challenge Lack of confidence in business intelligence
  5. 5. Benchmark Best Practices Validate Market Demand Assess Insight/ Opportunity Gaps Baseline What We Know/What We Don’t Solution: Converting Insight Into Value MO Breeds Actionable Insight and Innovation
  6. 6. Challenge: Maximizing Customer Profitability The Price of Acquiring & Keeping a Customer is Growing
  7. 7. Calculate Customer Lifetime Value Capture Customer Decision Drivers Win Back At-Risk Customers Mobilize to Meet Customer Expectations Solution: Maximizing Customer Profitability MO Delivers Customer Experience
  8. 8. Challenge: Delivering the Strategic Agenda Every Strategy/Budget Cycle — a Free-for-All
  9. 9. Catalyze Shared Vision Ensure Message Integrity Live the Brand Socialize Marketing Change Solution: Delivering the Strategic Agenda MO Realizes Strategy
  10. 10. Challenge: Accelerating Selling/Buying Process No or Slow Growth Disappointing Revenue Results
  11. 11. Integrate Buying/Selling Cycle Feed Sales Pipeline Optimize Sales/ Marketing Hand-offs Leverage Loyalty Assets Solution: Accelerating Selling/Buying Process MO Aligns Sales/Marketing Effort
  12. 12. Challenge: Scaling Marketing for Growth Marketing in Reaction Mode
  13. 13. Diagnose Marketing Health Architect Enabling Shared Processes Optimize Marketing Investment Develop Marketing Competency Solution: Scaling Marketing for Growth MO Mobilizes Resources
  14. 14. “Much of what marketing can contribute right now is seen as less tangible because we lack the metrics” – Dawn Hudson, CEO, Pepsi North America Challenge: Demonstrating Return on Marketing Marketing on Defensive to Show Contribution
  15. 15. Align Marketing/Enterprise Objectives Track Individual and Team Performance Fine-tune Forecasting thru Predictive Analytics Define and Track Key Metrics via Dashboards Solution: Demonstrating Return on Marketing MO Enables Accountability
  16. 16. We guide marketing organizations to become a value center We are front-runners in Marketing Operations to create a consultancy dedicated to Marketing Operations to publish an article on MO to create a college course on MO to teach a professional symposium on MO to conduct a benchmarking study of MO practices © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Companies we’ve influenced: (partial list)
  17. 17. © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. Organization-wide efficiency and effectiveness raise Marketing performance, agility and ROI Ask us about our model for Marketing Maturity Strategy: holistic vision, fact-based decision-making Guidance: competency development, governance Process: workflow, lean/six-sigma, supply chain Metrics: profitability, predictive analytics, alignment Technology: enterprise marketing / portfolio mgt Ecosystem: collaboration with key stakeholders Infrastructure: back-end integration of processes, metrics, technology Request your marketing maturity assessment and roadmap
  18. 18. tel +1 408 243 7881 • • • LinkedIn Groups: Marketing Operations Partners Marketing Operations Future • Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility