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Marketing Operations: The Engine Behind Predictive Analytics


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Presented by Gary Katz at Predictive Analytics World, February 18, 2009 San Francisco, Calif.

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Marketing Operations: The Engine Behind Predictive Analytics

  1. 1. Marketing Operations 2.0: A Hot New Playground for Project Managers to Apply Their Craft and Raise Their Game Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility
  2. 2. • Your metrics for success are ill-defined • Your people are slammed • Your institutional memory is leaky • Your innovation and creativity are suffering from constipation • Your team, cross-functional or supplier relationships are poorly-aligned • Your decision-making process is tough to justify • Your marketing portfolio is not delivering expected results Marketing Operations: Why It`s Needed? © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. A systematic end-to-end operational discipline to: • Drive efficiency, consistency, alignment, accountability • Replicate best practices • Build a foundation for Marketing Excellence A holistic framework to apply processes, technology, guidance and metrics to run Marketing as a: • Profit/value center • Growth driver • Change catalyst • Fully-accountable business Marketing Operations: A Definition © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Ecosystem Alignment MetricsProcessGuidance Infrastructure Management Technology Strategy Ecosystem Alignment MO Best Practice Framework © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Scaling for Growth Enterprise Strategic Agenda Customer Profitability Buying Acceleration Accountability Alignment with Stakeholders Marketing Intelligence © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. Marketing Operations Sphere of Influence
  6. 6. 1. Converting Insight into Value 2. Accelerating Sales/Buying Process 3. Scaling Marketing for Growth 4. Delivering Strategic Agenda 5. Maximizing Customer Profitability 6. Demonstrating Return on Marketing Six Top Marketing Challenges and How MO Addresses Them © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Challenge: Converting Insight into Value Marketing Operations: Rising to the Challenge Lack of confidence in business intelligence
  8. 8. Benchmark Best Practices Validate Market Demand Assess Insight/ Opportunity Gaps Baseline What We Know/What We Don’t Solution: Converting Insight Into Value MO Breeds Actionable Insight and Innovation
  9. 9. Challenge: Maximizing Customer Profitability The Price of Acquiring & Keeping a Customer is Growing
  10. 10. Calculate Customer Lifetime Value Capture Customer Decision Drivers Win Back At-Risk Customers Mobilize to Meet Customer Expectations Solution: Maximizing Customer Profitability MO Delivers Customer Experience
  11. 11. Challenge: Delivering the Strategic Agenda Every Strategy/Budget Cycle — a Free-for-All
  12. 12. Catalyze Shared Vision Ensure Message Integrity Live the Brand Socialize Marketing Change Solution: Delivering the Strategic Agenda MO Realizes Strategy
  13. 13. Challenge: Accelerating Selling/Buying Process No or Slow Growth Disappointing Revenue Results
  14. 14. Integrate Buying/Selling Cycle Feed Sales Pipeline Optimize Sales/ Marketing Hand-offs Leverage Loyalty Assets Solution: Accelerating Selling/Buying Process MO Aligns Sales/Marketing Effort
  15. 15. Challenge: Scaling Marketing for Growth Marketing in Reaction Mode
  16. 16. Diagnose Marketing Health Architect Enabling Shared Processes Optimize Marketing Investment Develop Marketing Competency Solution: Scaling Marketing for Growth MO Mobilizes Resources
  17. 17. “Much of what marketing can contribute right now is seen as less tangible because we lack the metrics” – Dawn Hudson, CEO, Pepsi North America Challenge: Demonstrating Return on Marketing Marketing on Defensive to Show Contribution
  18. 18. Align Marketing/Enterprise Objectives Track Individual and Team Performance Fine-tune Forecasting thru Predictive Analytics Define and Track Key Metrics via Dashboards Solution: Demonstrating Return on Marketing MO Enables Accountability
  19. 19. Fundamental MO Expanded MO Sophisticated MO © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Budget Management CRM Marketing Services Measurement Vendor Management Predictive Analytics and Mo Maturity Advanced Processes (LEAN, Six Sigma, Supply Chain) Change Management Competency Development Customer Profitability Enterprise Marketing Management Enterprise Metrics Alignment Marketing Governance Portfolio Management Predictive Analytics Shared Vision Strategic Management Org. Learning Facilitation
  20. 20. Profile of MO Best Practices
  21. 21. • Marketing is likely the most hungry consumer of PA • MO provides a robust application sandbox for PA • MO may very well own the business case for PA • If technology investment is part of the PA proposition (typical), MO may well own the deployment process • PA doesn’t operate in a vacuum – without MO to drive understanding and alignment and catalyze change, insight from PA may never translate to action Why Predictive Analytics Needs MO © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  22. 22. • PA enables MO to become more scientific, consistent, predictable • PA is a powerful tool to help demonstrate Marketing’s value • Helps focus on long-term initiatives, not just short-term results • PA is key to aligning vision with metrics, forecasts with results • PA is an indicator of MO maturity and an attribute of MO best practice Why MO Needs Predictive Analytics © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. We guide marketing organizations to become a value center We are front-runners in Marketing Operations to create a consultancy dedicated to Marketing Operations to publish an article on MO to create a college course on MO to teach a professional symposium on MO to conduct a benchmarking study of MO practices © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Companies we’ve influenced: (partial list)
  24. 24. © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. Organization-wide efficiency and effectiveness raise Marketing performance, agility and ROI Ask us about our model for Marketing Maturity Strategy: holistic vision, fact-based decision-making Guidance: competency development, governance Process: workflow, lean/six-sigma, supply chain Metrics: profitability, predictive analytics, alignment Technology: enterprise marketing / portfolio mgt Ecosystem: collaboration with key stakeholders Infrastructure: back-end integration of processes, metrics, technology Request your marketing maturity assessment and roadmap
  25. 25. tel +1 408 243 7881 • • • LinkedIn Groups: Marketing Operations Partners Marketing Operations Future • Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility