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Marketing Operations Agility - Business Marketing Association


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Marketing Operations Agility - Business Marketing Association

  1. 1. Next Wave Marketing Operations Strategically Enabling Enterprise-wide Agility Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility Gary M. Katz
  2. 2. Agenda Ø Marketing Agility Exercise Ø Organizational Agility Ø Agility – Importance, Priorities, Attributes, Technology, Obstacles Ø Defining Marketing Agility Ø Removing Marketing Agility Roadblocks § Business Intelligence § Customer Profitability Ø Marketing Automation and Marketing Agility Ø Next Wave Marketing Operations Ø Keys to Leveraging Marketing Automation for Agility Ø Marketing Agility in Action Ø Q & A © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners
  3. 3. Assess Your Marketing Agility
  4. 4. Organizational Agility Ø Agility Defined: Nimble, able to respond quickly & decisively to market & customer opportunities Ø Firms with a higher degree of process and technological standardization are more agile (MIT Study) Ø Effective balance of fact-base decision-making & decisiveness, despite ambiguity © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners
  5. 5. Somewhat important – it contributes to our business success Extremely important – it is a core differentiator for us 48% 40% 25% Neutral – many factors shape our business success Somewhat unimportant – other factors play a more significant role Not at all important – agility is not a relevant business criteria for our business How important is agility to your organization’s overall business success? 10% 2% 0 Agility Importance
  6. 6. Improving process efficiency (e.g. change management, outsourcing, automation, standardization) Improving knowledge management and information sharing processes 38% 33% 30% 28% 25% 24% Encouraging (and extending) collaboration across the business and beyond Scenario planning and preparing for market changes Increasing overall employee productivity Creating cross-functional teams What do you believe are your organization’s priorities in improving agility? Agility Priorities
  7. 7. Rapid decision-making and execution A high performance culture 61% 44% 34% 34% 31% The ability to access the right information at the right time Accountability and credibility Flexible management of teams and human resources What are the critical traits of an agile business? (Select up to 3) Agility Attributes
  8. 8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Content analytics and mining software to identify, manage and leverage knowledge assets 22% 18% 15% 11% 10%24% Content management systems IP-based communication systems Web 2.0 for easier communications and collaboration Which technologies will be most helpful in making your organization more agile in the next three years? Technology and Agility
  9. 9. Decision-making can take too long Conflicting goals/priorities of different departments 29% 28% 28% 26% 24% 20% Necessary information resides in silos Culture is risk-adverse and slow to adopt innovation IT infrastructure is inflexible and inconsistent across the company Lack of understanding of intellectual capital and knowledge assets What are the main obstacles to increasing agility in your organization? Business processes are not aligned with business objectives 20% Agility Obstacles
  10. 10. Defining Marketing Agility © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners Ø Marketing agility and enterprise agility are practically synonymous; they can’t be viewed in silos Ø Marketing agility is like having your radar set on opportunities and threats – Forbes, 1/26/2012
  11. 11. Removing Marketing Agility Roadblocks © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners
  12. 12. Business Intelligence © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners Timely action on business intelligence gives first-to-market advantages in the evolving market landscape Examples: Ø Develop master view of customer & data integration protocol Ø Benchmark marketing processes & critical corporate capabilities Ø Stream relevant data with holistic customer view to stakeholders Ø Establish stakeholder shared vision for market intelligence usage Ø Harness field data from sales, service, surveys, customer touchpoints Ø Anticipate business scenarios leveraging predictive analytics Ø Build a culture of assumptions-testing and fact-based decision-making Ø Capture lessons learned & promote adoption of best known methods
  13. 13. Customer Profitability © 2012 Marketing Operations Partners Maximize return on customer feedback investments, prevent non-value add and wasted costs by involving everyone in customer experience Examples: Ø Quantify lost customers, revenue & profit contribution Ø Calculate customer lifetime value & customer equity Ø Improve customer touch-point enablers company-wide Ø Identify drivers of defection, retention & customer profitability Ø Formalize closed-loop complaint management & prevention Ø Measure success via customers’ desired outcomes & innate metrics Ø Encourage living brand promise enterprise-wide Ø Drive decision-making per customer experience personae Ø Integrate voice of customer sources Ø Use voice of customer to guide strategies, processes, policies
  14. 14. Introducing Next Wave Marketing Ops Continuous Marketing Effectiveness Next Wave Marketing Operations © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL ImpactfulPredictable Demonstrable Repeatability SustainabilityConsistency Workflow Measurability Efficiency Marketing Operations 2.0 Marketing Operations 1.0 Alignment AccountabilityAgility
  15. 15. Marketing Ops Drives Agility & More CUSTOMER PROFITABILITY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE RETURN ON MARKETING STRATEGY EXECUTION MARKETING SCALABILITY BUYING PROCESS ACCELERATION MARKETING EFFICIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS Pipeline Accountability Knowledge & Process Flexibility & Discipline Goals Alignment Predictive Persuasion Attribution of Contribution Keep Customers Drive Company ALIGNMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY AGILITY © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 6 MARKETING OPERATIONS CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE PERPETUAL CHALLENGES Alignment AccountabilityAgility
  16. 16. Keys to Leveraging Marketing Automation for Enterprise Agility Ø Articulate a strategy to apply MA and communicate the consequences of failure to successfully deploy and adopt it Ø Establish defined processes, business rules and common terminology Ø Optimize data quality to produce to dashboards and reports with maximum credibility Ø Integrate existing disparate with the new MA Ø Develop the necessary skills, i.e., analytics in marketing to leverage the system Ø Build internal competency to develop decision-making models that reflect integrated marketing realities Ø Provide users with the training and skills to get the most out of existing applications © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners
  17. 17. We guide marketing organizations to become a value center We are front-runners in Marketing Operations to create a consultancy dedicated to Marketing Operations to publish an article on MO to create a college course on MO to teach a professional symposium on MO to conduct a benchmarking study of MO practices © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Companies we’ve influenced: (partial list)
  18. 18. © 2016 Marketing Operations Partners. All Rights Reserved. Organization-wide efficiency and effectiveness raise Marketing performance, agility and ROI Ask us about our model for Marketing Maturity Strategy: holistic vision,fact-based decision-making Guidance: competency development,governance Process: workflow,lean/six-sigma,supply chain Metrics: profitability,predictive analytics,alignment Technology: enterprise marketing / portfolio mgt Ecosystem:collaboration with key stakeholders Infrastructure: back-end integration ofprocesses, metrics, technology Request your marketing maturity assessment and roadmap
  19. 19. tel +1 408 243 7881 • • • LinkedIn Groups: Marketing Operations Partners Marketing Operations Future • Center your business on customers as the key to growth: accountability, alignment & agility