Learn New Chinchilla Tricks


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There are a lot of tricks that you can teach your chinchilla. Often, the first "trick" to teach your chinchilla is to socialize it to not be so shy. After that, the options are endless.

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Learn New Chinchilla Tricks

  1. 1. Learn New Chinchilla Tricks Written By: Lindsey Perkins – The Chinchilla Guide Chinchillas are exotic pets and they are really famous in South American countries where they are found. Chinchillas are natives of South America and you can find them near Andes. Since they are small and soft they are favorite pets among the females and many other people like them because they look cute. Chinchillas are very agile by nature and therefore they never like to stay in one place. Hence, pet owners who own chinchillas need to be extra careful with them as they can jump places quickly and could lead to different situations. However, they are very quick at learning new tricks. There are many chinchilla tricks that you can find online and on some animal care forums. You can search more about the chinchilla tricks on cyberspace because you will be interacting with a lot of chinchilla owners directly who have already taught their pets some tricks which can be learned easily. If you have a chinchilla and if you observe them carefully you will come to know that they repeat things all the time and therefore if you want to teach them some chinchilla tricks than you have to teach them regularly so that they repeat it over and over and finally get into the flow and become experts. One of the best tricks that you can teach them is to let them understand their names. Of course that does not sound like a name but it is because they can recognize their names. The best way to make them understand is to call their names whenever you want to call them. They will not be able to get that earlier but soon they will begin Learn New Chinchilla Tricks
  2. 2. to know that this word is their name and when you say that name they have to approach you or pay attention to you. Another way to teach them great tricks is by setting and changing the places of food and water in the cage. Chinchilla tricks have one thing in common that you need to teach new tricks over a period of time to make them understand what they need to do. Chinchillas might not react to new tricks immediately and therefore you have to be patient with them. However, when you make a routine for them they will react very quickly to your tricks and will baffled you with their lighting speed responses and moves. If you want to get a little personal with them than you can hold them with both your hands and keep a piece of food on your shoulders so that they climb up your hand and sit on your shoulder to enjoy their meals. If you keep repeating the same over and over, they will always prefer to sit on your shoulders because they know that it is the best place to eat meals and that you will give them a meal in few moments. On the other hand, you are encouraging them to climb which is what they love because of their agile and active nature. Learn New Chinchilla Tricks