Your Walk With God


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Your Walk With God

  1. 1. Your Walk with God YOUR WALK WITH GOD
  2. 2. OverviewAre you honest with yourself?Are you honest with God?Does your life reflect Christ?Have you made the Word of God the final authority in your life?Are you ready to walk the walk?Now line up with his will, to start receiving Gods best, his Blessing,his health, his prosperity, his favor.Are you truly ready when God tests your heart?
  3. 3. Are you honest with yourselfSins known and unknown – (Ps 19:12)Are you doing what you were told to do by God?(Ps 90:8)Are you truly humble before God, and Love God?(Ecc 12:14)Do you really want what God wants for your life, rather thanwhat you planed?
  4. 4. Are you Honest with GOD?Do you always try to hide your sins or always make an ex-cuse to do what you want to do or have or watch?Are you always disobedient? (Jn 14:15) “If you love me,keep my commands.”Do you have false humility? Do you play church rather thanHonestly Love God?Are you willing to Lay Down your Life and truly followJesus Christ?
  5. 5. Does you life reflect Christ?Do you have peace in your life? If not why?Do you have enough love in yourself, in Christ, to Love oth-ers unconditionally?Do you have any, or, produced any fruit? Is it good fruit orbad? What kind of tree are you?Have you truly picked up your Cross to follow Jesus?Or do you just pick on, murmur and complain about some-one else?
  6. 6. Have you made the Word of God the final authority in your life?What ever happens in your day, do you obey what the Bibletells you to do?Do you walk in forgiveness and Love?Do you listen to hear God, when you need him the most?Do you praise Him? Or thank him for his Word?(Heb 13:15-16)
  7. 7. Are you ready to Walk the Walk?Preparing your day in prayer and supplication. I seek youearly in the morning. Ps 63:1Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.Look around to bless, encourage, help anyone, someoneand everyone around you. Heb 13:1-3Treating your neighbor as yourself.
  8. 8. Now line up to Gods willNow that you have done everything you can to line up with Gods Word, start receiving Gods best, his blessings, his health, his prosperity, his favor.Heb 12:14-15
  9. 9. Are you truly ready when God tests your heart?Not too many of us are, but we can be the soft clay, ready to be molded by the potter.Refining the heart is always good and always for your best, but is the most difficult to endure.Quick obedience brings favor and closeness to God.
  10. 10. A quote from KJV commentary pg. 1175 sec 10“As Jesus develops his message,he makes it clear, that such a life causes his people to be in direct contrast to the world in which they live.”