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Greatthyfaithfulness1 Adppt

  1. 1. The sunrises eachmorning,thoughsometimes itis obscuredby clouds.
  2. 2. God faithfullyparted the clouds,set Noah on dryland, andpromised never todestroy the earthby flood again.
  3. 3. Godfaithfullykept hispromiseto send aSavior.
  4. 4. In Jesus,he restores usto friendshipwith himself.
  5. 5. BecauseJesus diedand roseagain, we areable to serveGod andthose aroundus.
  6. 6. God blesses our work and uses it to accomplish his purposes.
  7. 7. We serve,trusting in Godsfaithfulness and his mercies, newevery morning.