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Calling men into action


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Published in: Spiritual
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Calling men into action

  2. 2. OverviewCall men back to GodHave men be menIts OK to LoveWalk in Forgiveness and Power of GodGo into all the worldSigns and Wonders
  3. 3. Call all men back to GodHave all men repent for their sins of Omission, fallingaway from Gods ways. 1 Tim 2:1, 5:20, 5:24Ask God to give us men a new vision. Give us a newcalling into Action.Ask God to relight our inner fire to burn for Jesus.Bring us back to our first Love and be on fire forJesus Christ.
  4. 4. Have Men be MenAsk God to give us a renewed boldness and remove our in-ner weaknesses. Take away our wishy washy faith andmake us Soldiers of the Lord of Hosts! 1 Tim 2:8Ask God to give us an inner fortitude to the Word of God.Ask God for compassion and wisdom. For a man that canstand and not be moved in the gentleness of Jesus, thatman is made beautiful. That is true inner power. To put thegentle back into gentleman.
  5. 5. Its OK to LoveAsk God to place in our hearts true agape Love. True lovefor all mankind.Ask God to remove all perverted mindsets, Ideas, Thoughts,Habitual acts that satan has placed in us to distort what truelove is. Help us Men to show and express our love toothers.Ask God to help us Men to truly Love others for who theyare. For he has placed in us wonderful Gifts to be used forthe Kingdom of Heaven.
  6. 6. Walk in Forgiveness and Power of GodAsk God to give us his Spirit of peace. Inner peace, so wecan truly walk in forgiveness. To bind all wrath and angerwithin us Men. To bind the spirit which makes us easilycombative. To give us a kind and gentle Word to speak, inseason and out of season.If us Men walk in forgiveness, we give no ground to the en-emy so we dont get offended and then start murmuring.Ask God to strengthen our feelings that we stand on theWord of God more and more everyday, so that we wonthave any unforgiveness in our hearts, ever again.
  7. 7. Go into all the WorldListen to the Holy Spirit.Go where he sends you.Do what he shows you to do. 1 Tim 5:22Be obedient – Do all things as unto the Lord.
  8. 8. Signs and WondersAs you Lay hands on people in faith, you will see the sick healed, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dead raised.As you do these, walking in faith, enter into the Joy of the Lord.You can do all in Christ Jesus, not by your own power but by faith and power through the Holy Spirit.How could you get bored by feeding the multitudes. Having food appear out of nowhere right after you give thanks for it in prayer.
  9. 9. The prayer of a Righteous man avails much!Do you want to be this man?