Bill Moore Visual Resume


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Hello, my name is Bill Moore and this is my visual resume

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Bill Moore Visual Resume

  1. 1. I Am
  2. 2. I Am I amAccomplished and results-oriented business technology leader with demonstrated experiencein planning, developing, and implementing cutting edge information solutions to addressbusiness opportunities. Develop strategic plans for worldwide projects. Initiate and enforcebudget controls addressing company needs. Adept at crisis management, trouble-shooting,problem-solving, and negotiation. Advancing company image through public speakingengagements. Experienced in joint and managing geographically dispersed teams.
  3. 3. My resume
  4. 4. my career on one slide Enterprise Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Experience requirements applications managed management Integrated Architecture Framework demonstrating Product Manager collaborate content Capgemini performance measuring Specialist deliverables stability b2b guidanceprojects knowledge Microsoft Certified Trainer vendor supplied University of Kentucky MBA enthusiastic presentation manufacturing Hadoop PeopleSoft SOA ASP C# Supply Chain ensuring TFS Corporate BizTalk leading software server business strong IIS middleware example Microsoft agile Avanade XML Off-shore delivery workflow skills SharePoint ability HTML define Oracle .Net acumen custom intranet budget Azure developed World Wide Web technician User Cost mentoring presenting Web 2.0 QA testing architecture expectations SQL Visual Studio Toyota contract management team Logistics CDO value Commerce Server maintaining system insuring technical authoring writing support change installing Redmond scalability Back Office Management Information Systems teaching database network SQL Server Exchange rigorous customer Strategy support tuning evaluation diverse design roadmap developer testing providing Internet solution product platform ownership Interface realistic engineer Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
  5. 5. What Google says
  6. 6. Google Results
  7. 7. What Google doesnt say
  8. 8. Unique perspectiveI have a unique perspective
  9. 9. Passiona passion for what I do
  10. 10. Honestan honest opinion
  11. 11. Patienceand a wealth of patience
  12. 12. What I am good at
  13. 13. Solving Problemssolving problems “big, tangled, hairy, messy, how the heck did we get here kind of problems”
  14. 14. Analyzing Analyzing and synthesizing information “piece of cake”
  15. 15. Holistic
  16. 16. Learning“I have a innate skill for figuring out how to dothings I have absolutely no idea how to do”Learning Quickly
  17. 17. Education
  18. 18. University of Kentucky, Masters Degree (MBA) - 1999 CollegesUniversity of Kentucky, Bachelors Degree (Management Information Systems) - 1997Griffin College, Bachelors Degree (Accounting) - 1992New York Regents College, Associate Degree (Nuclear Technologies) – 1989
  19. 19. Where have I worked WhereHave IWorked?
  20. 20. Currently Chief Delivery Officer September 2011 - Present• Accountable for financial management of the division with accountability for both top and bottom line performance.• Manage project planning and resource allocation.• Manage and grow V-Soft’s applications development efforts locally and nationwide.• Manage and grow V-Soft’s offshore and onshore development teams.• Oversee multi-phase, multi-dimensional, multi-resource, multi-skill projects from inception to conclusion while maintaining high customer satisfaction.• Confront, clarify and resolve all and any issues either client or off-shore related that can directly affect quality, deliverable or cost of all associated projects.• Drive awareness of services to Industry leading partners
  21. 21. Prior Consultant December 2002 to December 2003 Senior Program Manager December 2008 – September 2011 Senior Program Manager Enterprise Architect November 2004 – December 2008 July 2001 to December 2002 Managing Consultant December 2003 to November 2004 Development Lead June 1995 to December 1999Solution Developer ConsultantJanuary 2000 to July 2001 June 1993 to June 1995
  22. 22. EnjoyWhatdo Ienjoy?
  23. 23. Cooking
  24. 24. Computers & Internet
  25. 25. Riding BuellmyBuell
  26. 26. DownhillandgoingdownhillVERYfast
  27. 27. How do you How do you reach mereach me?Email: moorewilliam@hotmail.comLinkedIn: