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Www.SavvyWebWomen.Com Raving Fans


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Sharing some lovely feedback from Savvy Web Women fans

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Www.SavvyWebWomen.Com Raving Fans

  1. 1. with Wendy Moore Raving Fans
  2. 2. Raving Fans A Light Bulb Moment "[At Wendy's event] I had a light bulb moment that I can implement immediately for free that will increase the traffic to our website and increase our income from online sales.“ Karen Driscoll,
  3. 3. Raving Fans I had several conversations with her and decided that she was the Angel I was secretly praying for. Wendy explains things in a very easy to follow way and discussed things with me in language that I could understand. Computer jargon scares me!! I have full confidence that Wendy knows her stuff and that my business is in good hands. I signed up for the Total Care package and am looking forward to seeing my business grow online. Thanks for coming up with such a great service, there are plenty of us out there that desperately need your help!" Gerardine Robinson, Wendy Offers a Service To Take All The Stress Off Me "I have been running my Magnetic Therapy Product business for 9 years on my own and have extremely limited knowledge of the workings of Social Networking sites. I received an email from someone I didn't know to attend a luncheon with a Guest speaker, Wendy Moore. Thinking this was a scam, I decided to see if this woman came up on Google. I was so excited when I read that Wendy offered a service that would take all the stress off me in marketing my little business on the net and leave me to do what I know I am good at.
  4. 4. Raving Fans <ul><li>&quot;Wendy Moore's savvy approach to the web (as a marketing tool) has opened windows where only brick walls appeared before. </li></ul><ul><li>Wendy's advice is simple and easy to apply which in this era of time pressures is imperative. I strongly recommend Savvy Web Women to you if you are serious about getting a head start with your new business venture, or to build the web presence of your current business. </li></ul><ul><li>Savvy Web Women is a must!“ </li></ul><ul><li>Anthaea Jones, Anthaea Jones Photography, Newport , VIC </li></ul>
  5. 5. Raving Fans I Thought I Was Past Social Media! I recently attended a seminar with Wendy and I had no knowledge of Social Media or Facebook but I wanted to grow my business so I went along. Found it fabulous. Wendy's information was clear and concise and now I am a Facebook Addict and even started a blog, . I love social media - I didn't think I would - I thought I was past social media but I have really enjoyed it. Thank you Wendy for all your fabulous, concise information. I found your workshop invaluable&quot;. Elizabeth Conway, Melbourne
  6. 6. Raving Fans Able to Grasp the Concept &quot;YOU are awesome. Just showed Leela [her new Facebook Business page] and she is ECSTATIC. Your ability to grasp the concept and run with it and turn it around SO fast is INCREDIBLE. YOU ROCK!&quot; Thor Saleswarlord & Leela Cosgrove
  7. 7. Raving Fans <ul><li>Ranked On Google Within 24 Hours! </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;Having a sign up form on Facebook was a key element in my social media strategy, however, it's not that simple to do and it requires a certain technological ability. </li></ul><ul><li>Savvy Web Women certainly has that. </li></ul><ul><li>I now have a free offer on my Facebook fan page with a form that automatically adds the content into my website database. Wow! No third party required. And the good news? Yes, there's more. </li></ul><ul><li>Within 24 hours the free offer was already listed on Google. Thanks Wendy and your team. Great job yet again!&quot; Ludwina Dautovic, </li></ul>
  8. 8. Raving Fans “ I’ve been in the business for about nine years now with my wife, Maria and I think what was slowing our business down was the fact that we thought we had to do it all ourselves. I’ve never trusted anybody to outsource to but after meeting Wendy, I feel really confident to outsource and get new things happening like Facebook and LinkedIn and optimise our website. I’m pretty excited to get that started with Wendy and that will allow me to focus on what I’m really good at which is photography. Now I can get out there and find more business while Wendy is doing what she’s good at. So, I’ve learned to not to have to do it all myself which is really exciting. Thanks.” John Weninger, Top Shots Photography
  9. 9. Raving Fans “ Today, I had attended Wendy Moore’s intensive seminar and my mind is exploding. Before today, I was a social media dinosaur. I can confidently say I now have the tools, techniques and processes that I need to build my business’ presence online to help as many parents with dyslexic children as I can.” Diana Vogel,
  10. 10. Raving Fans Clear and Concise I’ve just spent a wonderful day with Wendy learning about social media. I’ve been using social media for quite some time and while I’ve been using it effectively, I’ve now realised that I should be linking them all in much more appropriately and I haven’t been doing that. It’s been just wonderful learning how to do that and the fact that Wendy can do a lot of this for me now is even better. So I highly recommend you coming and talking to Wendy about your social media needs. Thank you.” Susan Buller,
  11. 11. Raving Fans “ I’ve just had the great pleasure of interviewing Wendy Moore on the topic “Top 5 Tips to get your business online”. Wendy certainly is a Savvy Web Woman – she explained complex technology concepts in simple and engaging terms. I would encourage anybody who wants to engage an audience online to check out the services offered by Wendy.” Sue Papadoulis, Home Biz Chicks, Perth, WA
  12. 12. Raving Fans I Probably Still Wouldn’t Have Found the Time to Start… &quot;Wendy is a very talented lady in many areas but kindly assisted me in one area that I was a complete novice in; that being social marketing. I have been telling all my customers the importance of using social marketing to position themselves as an expert and leverage their time in promoting their respective products for a long time but not taking my own advice as I didn’t have the time to learn how to. Wendy walked me step by step through the basics answering any questions I had based on my specific needs to make my learning curve as quick as possible. If it wasn’t for Wendy’s crash course I probably still wouldn’t have found the time to start.&quot; Kylee Legge,
  13. 13. Contact Us via Our Website: Need Help getting in front of your target audience?