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I made this for a combination business-humanities project in 2012. It was a research project.

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Israel Powerpoint

  1. 1. Israels National AnthemHatikva (The Hope) –English Lyrics“As long as deep in theheart,The soul of a Jew yearns,And forward to the EastTo Zion, an eye looksOur hope will not be lost,The hope of two thousandyears,To be a free nation in ourland, IsraelThe land of Zion andJerusalem.” God’s Chosen Country By: Philip Moore
  2. 2. Israels ResourcesResources Capital Human NaturalUnited States Farming, Forestry, Oil, Natural Gas, Fishing:0.7% Wheat, Corn, Manufacturing, Trans Other Grains, portation, Extraction, Fruits, Crafts:20.3% Vegetables, Managerial, Professio Cotton, Beef, Pork, P nal, Technical:37.3% oultry, Dairy, Fish, For Sales, Office:24.2% est Other Services:17.6%Israel Agriculture:2% Oil, Natural Gas, Industry:16% Citrus, Vegetables, C Services:82% otton, Beef, Poultry, Dairy
  3. 3. Israel’s EconomyIsrael•Parliamentary Democracy Government•Command EconomyUnited States•Constitution-based federal republic;strong democratic tradition•Market Economy
  4. 4. Israel’s Gross Domestic Product$220.00$218.00$216.00$214.00$212.00$210.00 GDP in Billions$208.00$206.00$204.00$202.00 2008 2009 2010
  5. 5. Israel’s GDP per capita$30,000$29,800$29,600$29,400 GDP per capita$29,200$29,000$28,800$28,600 2008 2009 2010
  6. 6. Israel’s Imports & ExportsImports Commodities Partner Countries Dollar Value2009 raw materials, military No listing on website for this $45.99 billion equipment, investment year. goods, rough diamonds, fuels, grain, consumer goods2010 Same as above. US 12.8%, China $57.93 billion 8.1%, Germany 6.3%, Belgium 5.8%, Switzerland 4.6%, ItalyExports Commodities 4.2% Countries Partner Dollar Value2009 Machinery and Equipment, No listing on website for this $45.9 billion Software, Cut Diamonds, year. Agricultural Products, Chemicals, Textiles and Apparel2010 Same as above. US 32.1%, Hong Kong 6.3%, $45.9 billion India 5.1%, Belgium 5.1%
  7. 7. Israel’s Infrastructure• Airports: 48 (30 are paved)• Heliports: 3• Pipelines: gas 211 km; oil 442 km; refined products 261 km• Railways: total of railways 975 km, standard gauge: 975 km• Roadways: total of railways 18,290 km, paved: 18,290 km (includes the 146 km of expressways)• Telephones (main lines in use): 3.25 million• Telephones (mobile cellular): 9.022 million• Ports and terminals: Ashdod, Elat (Eilat), Hadera, Haifa• They also have Internet.• They seem to have everything they need (including schools), they are a developed country
  8. 8. Israel’s Geographical Terrain• Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley• Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) is an important freshwater source• Total renewable water resources: 1.7 cu km (2001)• Freshwater withdrawal (domestic/industrial/agricultural)Due to the dryness, sandstorms, and droughts in Israel, they are unable to grow many things.
  9. 9. Israel’s Geographical Climate• Hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas• Natural hazards: sandstorms may occur during spring and summer; droughts; periodic earthquakesDue to the dryness, sandstorms, and droughts in Israel they are unable to grow many things.
  10. 10. Israel’s Trade Barriers• There do not seem to be any infrastructural trade barriers in Israel.• They do not seem to have any trade barriers outside of climate and terrain.
  11. 11. Israel’s Current Exchange Rate• 1.00 USD = 3.672956 ILS (Israeli Sheqel)• 1.00 ILS = 0.272260 USD (Israeli Sheqel) U.S. Dollar Israeli Sheqel
  12. 12. Current Event in Israel• Who: BOI, Israel’s People, Other countries.• What: Growth rate being cut in Israel.• When: Anytime between 2009-2012.• Where: BOI, Israel, San Francisco (Marketwatch).• Why: Global economic slowdown and recovery.
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