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  1. 1. Family Canidae is sometimes loosely referred to as the "Dog" family, and its characteristics, e.g., long muzzle, large canine teeth, and long tail, as canine traits. However, the term usually refers only to the domestic species Canis familiaris. Funny Dog Pictures - Funny Cat Pictures - Funny Cat Videos - Funny Dog Videos - Cute Pictures -Funny Animals: And don't forget out good friends at Funny Animal Pictures for some great animal fun. Cute Kitten Pictures, and Cute Puppy Pictures are good friends of ours who just created some more fun animal sites. Two characteristics distinguish dogs from other canids and, indeed, from all other species of animal life. The first is its worldwide distribution in close association with humans, encompassing both hemispheres from the tropics to the Arctic. The second is the enormous amount of genetic variability found within the species. For example, the Irish wolfhound may stand as high as 39 in. (99.1 cm) at the shoulder, while the Chihuahua’s shoulder is usually no more than 6 in. (15.2 cm) from the ground; the silky coat of the Yorkshire terrier may be 2 ft (61 cm) long, while a few breeds (such as the Mexican hairless) are entirely without hair. The evolution of such widely differing breeds has been heavily influenced by conscious human selection, in addition to natural evolution.