Information Literacy Session 6


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Information Literacy Session 6

  1. 1. Information Literacy Session Six “A scholar, without going outside his door, can know all the affairs of the world.” -Chinese Proverb
  2. 2. Find the Information •LIRN • •“Member Database Access” • Patron ID Number: 53716
  3. 3. Annotation – A brief note, usually no longer than two or three sentences, accompanying a reference or citation in a bibliography which describes or explains the scope and content of the work cited.
  4. 4. Homework for this Session • Find three LIRN sources, each from a different database (Infotrac, ProQuest , Credo Reference and/or eLibrary) to help answer any one (or part) of your questions. – Add the Citation in MLA format – Annotate your source: describe what the source is and how it helped you answer your question in a couple of sentences. – Collect any answers that you find
  5. 5. Frequently Asked Questions • Do I need an article to answer each one of my questions? – No. You should find answers to all of the questions, but how you balance your answers between your sources if up to you. • What if I can’t find answers? – Consider how you can adjust your questions. Remember, an outline can change!
  6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions • What if I find all of my answers in one source? – You still need to find all of the sources listed in your homework assignment. Find sources that back up your answers, that add new information, or even add further questions to your outline!
  7. 7. A. Copied and pasted from the article’s “Abstract” B. A description of what you used/gained from the article C. A description of the scope and content of the work cited D. Two or three paragraphs long An annotation is: CommandButton1