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Challenge to Change - 12th May Tullamore Court Hotel


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Enrichment Group trip to Challenge to Change Seminar in Tullamore

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Challenge to Change - 12th May Tullamore Court Hotel

  1. 1. Challenge to Change By Patrycja Geszczak & Anna livia Dilo
  2. 2. Getting to the Hotel We got onto a mini-bus to get there. On the bus we chatted and listened to music, that’s basically everything. It took us around 40 minutes to reach our destination. The Challenge to Change, took place in Tullamore Court Hotel. It was huge. Standing outside the hotel, made us all really excited.
  3. 3. Inside the Hotel When we got to the Tullamore Court Hotel we went to a room with our table and all the other schools tables in it too.Our table was 6 ft long. We put our bags under the table and set up our projects. After that we went to the workshops.
  4. 4. Presenting the projects When we were finished our workshop, we talked to people about our projects to people who came around. We let them study our projects and when they were finished we quizzed them on it. If they got seven or more right they got a sweet.After that we went around looking at other peoples projects while others from our group talked about the projects
  5. 5. The Workshops Half of the people went to workshops. The other half stayed to present our project. There were three types of projects. The green one: Learning about trees, blue one: drumming and the red one: Learning about water and how to save it. The people who went to the green one touched tree samples and read and heard about trees. In the blue one, you basically played the drums, that were played at the end of the day. Red learned about how to save water and how people use it
  6. 6. Other Projects There were a lot of other projects. For example a project about LGBT, bees, sugar and child labour. We really enjoyed it all. Other projects gave out treats as well. Some for free and some for completing a quiz correctly. The projects were really good, but I think we did a good job on ours.
  7. 7. Lunch Near the end of Challenge to Change we got lunch. Lunch was either chips and chicken nuggets or chips with sausages. Most of the people enjoyed the food very much.
  8. 8. Leaving After lunch we went back to our table and packed up all our stuff and waited for the bus. Everyone was kind of sad about leaving. When the bus came we packed the projects into the back and off we went! We really enjoyed our trip :)