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Norman rockwell webquest


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Norman rockwell webquest

  1. 1. Norman Rockwell Webquest …an online interactive art lesson on Norman Rockwell created by Ms.Moore, PHS Name: Hour: Part I: Video Briefing A. Go to Watch both part 1 and part 2 on “American Chronicles Norman Rockwell.” Part II: www.nrm.comNorman Rockwell Museum A. Take 5 minutes to just explore the site. a. Where is the museum located? B. Click on the “ROCKWELL” tab (2nd from left) and then on the “About Norman Rockwell” tab underneath it. This will take you to a brief biography on Norman Rockwell. READ IT first then go back and answer the following questions:
  2. 2. 1. Fill in this quote by Norman Rockwell: “Without thinking too much…I was showing _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ .” 2. When and where was Rockwell born? 3. Briefly describe Rockwell’s art education below: 4. What did he paint for his first commission (art that an artist gets paid to create;) at16 ? 5. Who hired Norman Rockwell at just 16 to be their art director? 6. In 1916, the 22 year old Rockwell painted his 1st cover for what magazine? 7. How many covers for Saturday Evening Post did Norman paint? 8. Briefly describe his family life in the 1930s below: 9. Where did the family move to in 1953? 10. What significant honor did Norman Rockwell receive in 1977?
  3. 3. C. Complete the Norman Rockwell Painting Flashcards. a. Cut them out. Throw away any scraps. b. Go to and click on the Collections Tab and then the Collections Slide show tab underneath it. c. Click through the entire slide show to get a feel for Rockwell’s work. Then, go back to the beginning and locate each flashcard painting to find title and information about each artwork. d. On the back of each flashcard WRITE: 1. Title of Artwork 2. Norman Rockwell’s Name 3. TWO facts about each painting you learned after reading about each piece.