Art 2 advanced art syllabus 2011 12


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PHS Advanced Art 2011-12 syllabus
Teacher: Ms. Bridget Moore

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Art 2 advanced art syllabus 2011 12

  1. 1. Advanced art Pinconning High School Art 2 Syllabus 2011- 12 Ms. Moore, Visit PHS art website @: www.pinconningartroom.blogspot.comCourse DescriptionArt 2 is designed for students who have a solid background in basic art skills andtechniques through taking the Art 1 course. This course will encourage you to divedeeper into your own individuality than Art 1, and to begin experimenting withcombining different mediums into one project. The art elements and principles should beevident in your compositions, as well as a solid understanding of the meaning behindyour art pieces. New ways of seeing art on different dimensions is stressed, as well asintroducing you to new art mediums and techniques, such as Batik, oil, and photography.This class follows the National and State visual arts benchmarks.Course RequirementsThroughout Art 2, you will be taught specific art techniques that will be evidencedthrough a corresponding art project for the first couple of weeks. Eventually, studentsmaintaining a B grade or above will move into more independent, highly- individualizedand creative art projects. New concepts will be introduced and previous concepts will bestrengthened. Art 2 will be highly encouraged to take advantage of PHS art club as wellas the DIA field trip in the spring.You will be creating a final art project every 2- 3 weeks. Each project will be wortha total of 100 points, and will be graded using the following guidelines:____/ 25 Overall Creativity____/ 25 Overall Appearances____/ 25 Professional Behaviors / Class Participation____/ 25 Medium Techniques & Skills____/ 100 Total
  2. 2. • Quizzes. Throughout this course, I will occasionally give you quizzes when necessary to determine student learning. There will be 5 quizzes given per semester, each worth 10 points each. Total = 50 points • Final Exam. Every class is required to give a final exam in high school. The final exam will cover art techniques, art history, the art elements and principles, and the various cultures studied. Total = 100 pointsGrading Scale:The following art mediums will be covered: • Watercolor • Acrylic paint • Pastels • Charcoal/ pencil • Sculpture • Mixed- Media • Ink • Oil • PhotographyLessons will be given on the following art categories: • Still- Life • Abstract Art • Faces & Figure Drawing • Drawing techniques • Landscape • Art History • Art Integration • Art Principles & Elements
  3. 3. Classroom rules: RESPECT. ...for everyone and everything. It is that simple. • Follow all rules as stated in the PHS student handbook. • Respect yourself, your teacher, and everyone else. • Be in your seat when the bell rings with 2 sharpened pencils, an eraser, and with attentive behavior. • Talk only when appropriate and with peers at your table only. Keep conversation levels low. No talking during instruction time when the teacher is giving a lesson. o **ATTENTION** There will be NO talking of inappropriate topics in this classroom without direct consequences! This year there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for such inappropriate conversations. Talking in the classroom is a privilege I allow for your enjoyment, but it certainly is not a requirement. The first time I hear an inappropriate conversation and/ or language you WILL be removed from your seat away from those you were having a conversation with for a minimum of 2 weeks in addition to a write-up. The second offensive will result in a permanent removal from your chosen seating arrangement.  Inappropriate Topics Include: illegal acts ( such as drinking), hurtful gossip (talking about someone else (student or staff member) in a negative way), inappropriate language… o If I tell you to quiet down, that means LOWER your voice so that I can not hear your conversation; this includes a general “Class, lower your voices.” That includes YOU if you are talking. If you fail to lower your voice, you WILL be removed from your table for the rest of the hour. Second offense will be for the rest of the week; Third for the rest of the semester. • Respect the art room and all art materials. Clean up your area and all of the supplies that you used for the day. Put supplies neatly back where they belong.Consequences: 1. Warning and/ or removal from art activity and/or seat 2. Call, email, or note sent home 3. Office Referral**Students not ready or prepared for class on time will be given a tardy for the day.Please Note: This includes NOT having 2 sharpened pencils and an eraser at thebeginning of class!!! If you do not have a pencil ready for class, I will supply one foryou, but this will earn you a tardy for the day. Remember, if I can not start class on timebecause you failed to come prepared, it is necessary to fairly give you a consequence formaking the entire class wait.
  4. 4. ***Office Referrals/ Write- Ups will be given immediately for given behaviors notappropriate for a classroom environment.Rewards: 1. The JOY of an enriching, creative environment. 2. Good Grades 3. Art Shows 4. Creating your own artwork and having it to share and enjoy 5. I-pod privileges.Please RETURN ONLY the below information. Art syllabus due Thursday, September6, 2011.Dear Parent(s) and/ or Guardian(s),My name is Ms. Moore and I am looking forward to being your child’s art teacher for the 2011-12 schoolyear! I have been teaching art at Pinconning Area Schools for over ten years and not only teach, but alsolive and embrace our community as well. I have a Bachelor of Fine arts degree from Bowling Green StateUniversity, have studied art and architecture at the Richmond College in London, and received my ArtEducation degree from SVSU. I am currently finishing up my graduate degree at SVSU in masteryteaching. Please note that the easiest way to contact me is via email at: I can assure youof a prompt reply.Please read the above syllabus to ensure you agree to my expectations for your student in my class. Also, itis important to fill out the contact information so that I can contact you for behavior issues promptly beforethey escalate to an office referral, or better yet, so that I can inform you of your student’s success in theart classroom.Thank you. I look forward to seeing you soon.Sincerely,Ms. Moore------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------____Yes. I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions of the 2011-12 PHS artsyllabus. I understand there is a $15.00 art fee due October 31, 2011 to help cover mychild’s art supplies he/ she will be using this semester. I also understand that I can keepupdated on happenings, art lessons and more atParent Signature: _____________________________Student Signature: _____________________________Email address:Home phone number:Work phone number:Cell phone:Address: